Zero Point Energy Healing Device

manufactured by Amega


There have been hints over many years that zero point energy, also called energy from the vacuum, or source energy was both available, and capable of being harnessed by us. There have even been tantalizing tales of a car powered by a radio aerial, and a community in Switzerland generating its own power. But this is the first time that we have seen a commercially available device, and it is one that even the midwayers are excited about. We would not be telling you about this, if we did not have confidence in this product. The company Amega, also has many other products. While we have not investigated those, we have bought and used the wand. It is no more than a pen to look at, but it apparently will last for ever without any need for external power such as batteries. It is a channel for this zero point energy, probably just the same as any spiritual healer is. However it seems to be perhaps more powerful than most healers. Like spiritual healing it requires the acceptance of the patient, but it does not require any belief, just a desire to remove the issue. We do not however make any claims about this wand, other than to say it has worked for us to remove pain. You must make up your own mind, and there are some resources that may assist, namely YouTube videos.

The company that invented and manufactures this device makes no claim that it is a medical device and states that it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They do however claim that as a zero point energy device, it has the ability to remind our body's cells that they are pure and of source energy which then activates our own inner self healing.

Comment from our midwayer friends indicate that the power of this device is only very slightly augmented when in the hands of a powerful healer - so one does not need to take that into account, and equally if you are not a natural healer, this device will function perfectly. While its power can be somewhat blocked by the patient, apparently they cannot block it entirely. One wand is safe to use on an unborn baby. Sometimes multiple wands are used in treatment, but we do not yet know what the sensible limits might be. Perhaps we will hear in time. However, pain is typically removed very quickly with just one wand, but the underlying ailment may need more prolonged treatment, so do not assume that because the pain has gone, the problem is entirely fixed. Be prepared to treat the problem area until the underlying problem is healed. We assume, but do not know for a fact, that this wand can cause disease to be healed, as opposed to only removing pain, which has been demonstrated many times. To be quite precise, Amega Global tell us that the wand does not heal, what happens is the zero point energy reminds the cells of the body of how they were, and leads the body to self-heal.

Here are some resources that help understand the potentials.




An audio sales pitch that covers a few issues

A video sales pitch, of much the same as the above sound track

Details of the test results

Test Results

More about the Amwand


Amised Fusion Technology - effects on blood cells

The Technology

A powerpoint detailing the bio-energy points used with the Amwand

Excellent discussion about "difficult" clients

Regular weekly feedback sessions, Q&A etc


If you are interested in buying one of these, which sell for about US$300 plus shipping, you can only buy it direct from the company, over the web, and via an existing distributor, and by using a credit card. We have recently become a distributor, so you can use our site, and the following tips are provided to make this easier to complete. As of March 2010, there is a shortage of stock, and the company has adopted the unusual step of simply removing the item from the web site when that occurs. This of course confuses anyone who does not know where on the web site it should be. So we hope the following images would help you. The company has warehouses in many countries, and thus you can place an order though our site, for anywhere in the world.

You have two options, to simply buy a wand, or any other device you fancy from a long list of fascinating energy based products, or to sign yourself up as a distributor, if you see an opportunity to sell these devices to others. However, in some countries, I think USA and Canada, if you become a distributor, they require you to purchase a minimum of about $100 a month to retain your status. So, you can still enroll, and ignore that, realising you will no longer be active in future, or if you think you will be recommending more folks, and buying more products, it may present no barrier. Otherwise just "purchase" as a customer. Either way the cost to you is the same.

First step: Our Amega sub-site: No More Pain The URL for this web site is in fact but because of the design of the Amega web site, you won't see that URL in the browser.

On that site, you will see the name Geoff, so you know its the right place. On the menu is "Enroll" That will enable you to create your own site, and purchase one or more wands immediately. Don't worry if you are not in Australia, you can be anywhere. I enrolled via Barbados, and my friend there enrolled via the UK. The other option is "Purchase"

If you take that "Enroll" option, you will be asked to create a unique name for your "BA" (Business Associate name - like my No More Pain) You specify the country you are in, and then you have to buy a product. If you are lucky, and wands are in stock, you will see this image:

But if you are unlucky, you will only see the Water System. If the wand is not there, try again in a few hours. Or a day or so.


If you do not want to enroll as a distributor, you can simply purchase such products as you require, using the menu option "Purchase". Any issues just contact us via the contact form. (We have recently had one person find that they were not able to complete a "Purchase", because a button was disabled. If you find that happpening, then perhaps consider "Enrolling".)


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