Fearing the Unknown.


Idaho, US of A, October 16, 2002

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Sandy: “Machiventa, do you have time to talk at this late hour?”

Machiventa: “Yes, always, and even at this early hour. I would like to talk this morning about fear of the unknown.

“I know there has been a spate of health scares with family, with friends, and also with yourself. And I'm not here to tell you, or anyone of your friends who may right now be praying for a miraculous healing for self or others that you, or they, are in any way being foolish, or that one is basically wasting one’s time in trying to change what cannot be changed.

“The opposite is true indeed, and with the expertise of your midwayer friends and closely associated morontia cherubim and others, much can be achieved at a physical, an emotional or even at intellectual level, and when the power of prayer prompts the grants and allows them to proceed with real action, to overcome what is falsely judged to be fate.

“The Creators instilled in all their higher creatures an ability to imagine what might well happen during their tomorrows. Additionally to this, the mortal creatures are ever engaged in a fight for survival, for this drive is ‘innately present’ in your very being. Therefore, it would be unnatural to not fear being harmed or to not fear the event of death, of self and of loved ones.

“To be human is to have fears of the vaguely unknown and the clearly imagined – one of the natural experiences of mortal life – together with the anticipation of more pleasant events that might lie ahead, including the seemingly impossible.

“And therefore to pray for a miracle is one of the ways of showing your utmost faith in your Creators’ boundless abilities. And, your showing of ‘a love for life’ for yourself and for others is incidentally also a sign of your preparedness for giving still more. It is proof of your conviction that you still have more to give, and that you are not ready to give up on the idea that by self-creation you are playing a minute but important part in God’s almighty creation. It remains your will to do God’s will.

“So, do not ever shrink away from fear. Claim it to be your birthright, and call out to Michael and to the Father that you are indeed fearful. It is only when you tell yourself that you have no fear that fear eats away and causes untold misery.

“Life is precious, for the Father meant it to be precious. I send my love to you – God’s children one and all.

This is Machiventa Melchizedek.”

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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