Crisis, Change, and Spiritual Growth.


Illawarra District, Australia, February 19, 2003

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Sandy: “Hello, Machiventa. We can tell of your presence by the energy that we feel. We’re very happy you are paying us a visit today.”

Machiventa: “I would like to talk about change. The world always experiences worthwhile changes in times of crises. Circumstances will bring more changes that will soon be forced upon the people, and there is now the present instance of so many in the population taking a stand against a brutal war.

“I would say their cry for peace is a sign that the people want change, for they are fighting against the age-old ways of conquering by destruction to settle the differences. This is a good example of positive change brought about by a crisis, and resulting in great spiritual progress.

“Many times we have heard you discuss the need for major changes in a great number of different fields, and I fully agree with these sentiments. However, we don’t have to necessarily bring about wholesale changes to the ways of entire civilizations. We can bring about a change in our thinking on a personal level, a step at the time, a person at a time.

“Personal spiritual growth requires much in the way of change, and sometimes it requires a big turn-around in your way of thinking. When new ideas come to you, often through the input of your celestial friends, it might be good advice on how to further expand your mind to include the possibility of an entirely new way of thinking and doing.

“Watch for these opportunities for change, and therewith personal spiritual growth. Your celestial guides and teachers have a wealth of information, and you need to listen, consider, and be open to these new ways of believing. It’s okay, also, to reflect on, and to try to take on board another person’s way of positive thinking, therewith learning from other’s experiences. You can use another’s wisdom to consider and contemplate, therefore not having to waste your precious time by having to personally experience everything for yourself.

“Changing from an old, tried, and seemingly true method, to chance failure by trying to do something in an unfamiliar, but in perhaps a better way, is not an easy task for some, and it largely depends on the person and personality. Many changes have been easy for you, and you thrive on these changes. Other adjustments have made you fearful.

“My message is that people could be more open to change, especially when they can see that a chance for personal spiritual growth will come with changes in an improved philosophic outlook.

“Even what we are doing right now is still quite new, and the vast majority would never consider their having the ability to talk with celestials. It’s still ‘a brand-new product’ that brings the ‘light of spiritual growth’.

“You and your comrades have long ago accepted that this is possible; whereas many others would certainly still question the whole idea; refuse to even consider it to be commonplace all over the universes. Their unwillingness to even contemplate this prospect reflects a basic fear of change.

“These are my thoughts for today. Consider. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I send you my love.”

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