Taking This Day.


Idaho, US of A, April 19, 2003

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Machiventa: “Hello Sandy and progress workers. This is Machiventa.

“I would like to speak today about "taking this day". This day is given to each of you by God, and to do with what you will. It is your very own decision as to whether it will be a good day or bad. And it can truly become a source of self-fulfillment for you, when you reach the end of the day, and you can look back and see that you have accomplished something worthwhile.

“That positive ‘something’ then becomes a reality in your life and in your own mind. Make this a day of relaxation, or of physical work. It makes little difference to anyone else but you in this life. Try something today that takes patience, and becomes an exercise of discovering something new that will become new knowledge.

“The Creator has given you the power to do whatever pleases you, and will make you feel good on any given day. Above all, try to take a little time to praise God, and to think about the spiritual nature of yourself. Only you can make a difference in this, your day.

“If you can go about in a positive manner, God can greatly assist you in doing His will. Many times His will is simply no more than His experiencing the happiness and joy of His children. He depends on you to make a pleasant experience out of what could well be a negative mindset.

“We all need hugs and love coming from others to assure us that we are indeed lovable. First and foremost take care of yourself, and meet your own needs. Lift your voice in praise of the Father, instead of showing concern for gossip or judgment of your brothers and sisters.

“Make up your mind early in the day that you will enjoy it as a pleasant one, and do whatever you might do to bring some happiness and joy to others. The Master walks with you as your companion, so you are never alone, and you are always appreciated for your good efforts. Having such a Companion as He, how could you ever perceive yourself to be downtrodden, hopeless or depressed?

“Stand tall, straighten your shoulders, and hold your head high for God provides for you, and He enriches your life. We hope that your choice of what today will bring is the choice of happiness, clarity, and a day fulfilled with the grace of God.

“Take this day. Have a great day. This is Machiventa.”

Notes: In recent months, many new listees, recently time-prompted with 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM Reminder calls and Wake-up calls, have subscribed to the 11:11 Progress Lists – The English or Spanish versions.

For those welcome “new kids on the block” I note that the Avatar, Machiventa Melchizedek (the Teacher of Salem in Abraham’s time), is in charge of the entire worldwide program for spiritual ‘upliftment’ of this planet.

Machiventa’s title is that of “Planetary Prince of Urantia” (Urantia -- this world)

Blessings -- Sandy.

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