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Idaho, US of A, February 11, 2004

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: "Good morning my dear friend and student. This is Machiventa. Are we not graced with another beautiful day? And I do hope that you, and all of you who will receive this message, will feel that this is a grand new day, and that with the grace of God you will feel the love that is so abundant all around you.

"Let the pain of your yesterdays stay in the past, and open up to the glories of the gifts that God has bestowed upon you on this new day. I know you are grieving for a young friend, whose body was found alongside of the road. A life lost to alcohol, drugs, and exposure.

"However, be happy in the knowledge that you were always loving and caring towards him, and that you gave him many happy moments in his deeply troubled existence. His life truly presented great lessons to so very many, including you.

"Was his life wasted here on earth? Even though this is your strongly stated opinion, let me say that you are wrong. Not a one of Godís children have wasted their lives, no matter if they lived one hour or one hundred years.

"They have learned the needed lessons in their lifetimes for them to proceed with the next step in their ascension toward Paradise. Those who carry the heaviest burdens on this earth are often the ones most successful in quickening their soul growth.

"Hardships often teach us much more than is ever learned by those whose lives Ďbreeze right along with supreme ease.í

"Your young friend is now in the arms of Mother Spirit and Jesus, and he is resting in the palm of Godís hand.

"Be not troubled. Be at peace. This is Machiventa."

Note: Machiventa Talks, short and sweet. He can say a lot with few words, and Iím in tears. I hope his message will help someone else who may be grieving for a loved one lost - Sandy.

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