February 17, 2004 - You Are Special


"You are Special."

Idaho, US of A, February 17, 2004.

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: "Everyone of God’s children on the face of this earth has His unconditional love. He sees each one as special and could not favor one over the other. Each person is an extension of Himself and each has the ability to co-create with Him. He could not possibly pick favorites.

"God’s love is pure, even as He is pure. He gives each a Divine Part of Himself, and this Divine Fragment is forever pulling His sons and daughters toward Him.

"He sends His children to live a life of lessons on Earth, much as you send your children off to school. Upon graduation He calls you all back to your home in Heaven, and there you will use your education to help the Father fulfill His unending projects in the Universes.

"Now that (celestial) technology is being fine-tuned toward perfection, Christ Michael can further open the channels of communication linking His beloved planet Earth to other planets of the universe. A natural kinship of God’s family will bring communication from one planet to another and the cooperation of members will bring understanding of these new concepts in technology.

"This universal family will want to know each other better, share their knowledge and more importantly share their love with each other.

"All spirits of God’s children begin their journey with His blessings and eventually through their ascension will end in perfection beside The Father. There couldn’t be more to hope and strive for than this. This is His Divine Love that knows no end or condition, and is the promise of the Heavenly Father.

I send you my love. This is Machiventa."

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