A Priority – Unconditional Love.


Toormina, Australia, June 20, 2001

Machiventa Talks:

Received by Sandy Montee.

Let us talk about a few easy-to-understand priorities, and ponder upon these as we go about our day. What exactly is your purpose for being? Right now? Today?

I have talked many times about “Unconditional Love”. I have said, "Until you have experienced unconditional love, you have not yet begun to live.”

Everyday life can bring small joys to you, and those around you. To receive your smile is a pleasure others can share. That “hello to a stranger” is all it might take. Say, “I love you” to someone… at least once on this day. Be the best you can be.

Just for today, be aware of the Master walking beside you. Is he going to join you when you are not having a good day, and when you are taking your negative thoughts home with you? Imagine Michael kicking the dog, or yelling at his children. It would be safe for me to suggest that this scenario is very unlikely.

Love yourself. This is the biggest challenge of all. Treat yourself like the precious child of your Creator (that) you are. Tell yourself how good you are. Look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” This is so easy, yet so very hard, to do.

Just a few, easy-to-achieve priorities brought to your attention, for to help you realize they are the important “little joys” that make you feel so good throughout the day.

I send Love… Machiventa.

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