Treasures of the Earth.


Toormina, Australia, June 25, 2001.

Machiventa Talks:

Received by Sandy Montee.

Hi Sandy this is Machiventa. I see you have done very well today. You get so greatly excited about the small treasures the earth can bring forth. I am so glad that you can enjoy them, and perhaps George will begin to value these gems, as well. We, also, do work with crystals in that they are grounding devices for energy.

Your new gems, too, are crystals. Urantia has many, many of these beautiful works of art – these natural wonders -- and Michael is proud of the wealth your planet harbors (the wealth that is harvested on your planet) in these treasures.

Urantia does indeed have many people who go to extremes. They believe they must have excessive amounts of whatever they can grab, especially in those countries of extensive technological progress.

We, the Teachers, are often trying to make a point about values. We want you to realize there are also great treasures in the Spiritual Realm. The circuits that are re-opening are such treasures. It is through the circuits that many lessons can be learned – that these soul treasures of (value to) character building can be acquired.

Be mindful you practice the stillness (kind of) prayer that expresses gratitude to Father. It is so important, nay vital, that time is spent in thankfulness for and on each day. Many who hear this message are considered to be well informed about this. They know the lessons of Michael.

It is in the work for our heavenly Father, that there will come a time of great sharing. There will come a time when it is realized that the greatest gift, the greatest treasure, is that of giving, not grabbing.

This will be a time of great joy.

We have only just entered a new timeframe, a paradigm, a pattern – the Correcting Time. It is a time when Urantia is beginning to reclaim its birthright, its rightful inheritance, its rightful dowry – Light and Life.

More and more you will recognize those of the Light within your neighborhood. You will recognize them in the country, in the cities. They are those who will flock to the Father. They are those who experience the joy of knowing the Father. They are those who are claiming that which is their birthright, their inheritance, their dowry, available to each of His children. These are the real treasures of Urantia.

Michael and I are merely His Representatives. We are only the Emissaries and Ambassadors of the Father. And, still at this time, it is possible for Urantia to fall prey to the thoughtlessness, selfishness and “hassling” of man, and his single-mindedness in driving himself to invest all his energy and resources in the pursuit of luxury items and great wealth in monetary terms, and only for self.

For you to have been granted, and for you to hold onto, the Gift of Eternal Life is a matter (that is) between yourselves and your Father.

I would like to add that Michael and I look forward to a time when all Celestials can do their work for, and with, Urantia mortals (who will then be) largely functioning within the established pattern of wanting to do God’s Will.

Little do you know (of) the much bigger picture we see. Mortals are still grasping at straws and trying to apply the old rules to a new spiritual life. Remember, the mortals’ spirits, in trying to attain the higher realm (the new pattern), are always hampered by the grounding within their (mortal) bodies on Urantia

I will go now, but I send all of you children my love.

I am Machiventa.

Notes: Are there any takers for clarifying “crystals being the grounding devices for energy”?

We here have but an inkling of what it might perhaps mean, but it did come through loud and clear.

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