Questions and answers about Beatrice, Seth, and Mathew.


Toormina, Australia, August 13, 2001.

Machiventa Talks:

Received by Sandy Montee.

Sandy: “Hello, Machiventa. Are you here?”

Machiventa: “Yes, certainly. I am here.”

George: “Greetings to you, Machiventa.”

Machiventa: “Greetings to you George and Sandy.”

Sandy: “We would like to ask some questions and see if maybe you can help us out. It seems that so much is happening with our Midwayers these days. Can you tell us where Mathew hails from? And we have the feeling that many Midwayers are showing up here.”

Machiventa: “Yes, I will try to answer that question in a manner in which I can be confident that you will understand. It is, in fact, hard to keep up with the many happenings. Mathew is from a very large family, but it is still too early to say if many more like Mathew will soon be sent to Urantia. This is a trial situation, but we also know that Mathew is in a setting that is considered to be rather ideal.

“If Mathew can prove to be of service to you and George, we will consider sending additional Midwayers. Mathew feels very secure with, and loved by, you and George, and this relationship is working smoothly all around. Mathew will have the effect of focusing your minds on upcoming events.

“We need to be sure you realize that you need to continue to “further” your income. We would all like to think that money is unnecessary on this path towards the Father. However, we cannot think like “Pollyanna” and believe everything will, as if by magic, be provided for you. We will help where we can, because it will be necessary for you to travel. Even when you are in the US, you will need money to do the Father’s work.

“The Tallahassee group’s project will come to life, however this organization also needs funds, and you will both be involved with it as far as I can tell. This is foresight, but we would like for you to be able to afford to further the service to Michael and to the Father. Do your best, and we will try to help you along.

“I would like to talk to you about Beatrice. She is very lovable and motherly, and you should have no difficulties in making the connection with her when in her company. She is often very near to you, watching the interaction between the two of you, and Mathew, in relation to whom you are being used as parents of sorts.

“Beatrice will train a much greater number of Midwayers to spearhead a new type of education on Urantia.

“First of all we have gotten the circuits up and functioning, and now we are preparing to simultaneously launch many different programs. You are right when you say that mortals don’t move very fast. Urantia is in need of lots of help, and it must come at rather a faster rate than is expected by most people who try to be happy with their life as it stands right now. But Midwayers need to be in the thick of whatever program we wish to promote. They thrive on Action, Progress, and Projects.

“I know that soon we will be meeting up again in the United States. I do not want to involve you any more than you would like to be involved at this busy time. And I really need to have you both work on, and try to give priority to, Project Outreach.

“This is what I would like this phase of the Correcting time to be called -- “Project Outreach”. And thank you, George, for correctly naming it.

“In order to progress in a timely manner, more Midwayers will be put to work. Beatrice is “lining them up”, and teaching them, and they will be more than qualified to begin the “evolving” of one country after another here on Urantia.

“This may all come about almost too easily, because it is a well-though-out program. Urantia is crying for help and we must heed that cry. I would say that very soon, Beatrice would probably have about eighty new Midwayers graduating into the ranks of recruits.

“Are there any more questions?”

George: “I think you just about anticipated, and covered, all of our questions. We would like to, and at some time in the near future, talk to Seth… if that is possible.”

Machiventa: “Yes, our Seth is on the road to ascension, and very involved “within himself” at this time. Do ask from time to time, and I will give you an update on him.”

“You both are very much involved, and, please, tell me if, and when, we are pushing you too hard.

George: “You certainly are not pushing us too hard. But we were quite convinced that Seth was a Midwayer. We were so informed, in fact. Well… I was so informed, and now you are telling me he is on a path of ascension? I have a little bit of a problem seeing one of our Secondary Midwayers on a path of ascension… just yet!”

Machiventa: “Seth is not a Midwayer. Seth is a Celestial. Seth spearheaded a project that took a great amount of (his) energy, and his goal was almost impossible to achieve at the time he was first heard on Urantia.

George: “I stand corrected.”

Machiventa: “Seth paved the way to new frontiers and I will say that you, George, and you, Sandy, and many, many others, have the opportunity to do the very same (thing) right now.”

Sandy: “Thank you, Machiventa, for talking with us. And we really do enjoy Mathew’s company. And we’ll both see to his care.”

George: “Oh, sure! No trouble. He eats what we eat. Thank you, Machiventa.”

Machiventa: “It has been nice talking with you, and we will see you again soon.”

Sandy: “Goodbye Machiventa.”

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