Project Outreach.


Toormina, Australia, September 3, 2001.

Machiventa Talks:

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: “Hello Sandy. Yes, I am here. I am ever so pleased to talk with you this morning. You are indeed in a very beautiful country, and I understand that you are going back to Idaho’s splendor.

“We are busy here, and we will lay out the plans for Project Outreach. We will be able to give you certain tasks to complete on the physical level, and this is another of the important aspects of ‘pulling together in love and friendship’. And then it’s for you to take both the lessons, and feedback, to your siblings. There are ever so many different ways to do this, but I cannot give you concise instructions… just yet.

“I would suggest it would take about a month for you to establish a routine in which we phase in your aspect of Project Outreach.

“It is good that George is putting out feelers, and lining up more likely helpers. The regular messages from me will soon be there again, and we will talk a lot about unconditional love, which is the very foundation of Project Outreach.

“There will be times when you think your love is being questioned by others. However, we are walking along with the Master -- Our Dear Michael – as always.

“I know that you have plans in the back of your mind about seminars at which people will get more personal attention in groups of a relatively small size. George will have no problem with any such program.

“You both have put a great deal on your slate, and we know that you both have the ultimate belief in the journey toward Paradise. Your decisive beliefs can instill such happiness, and uplifting of the burdens, some of your acquaintances have.

“I apologize. I have kept talking, and you have not had a chance to respond.”

Sandy: “Yes, Machiventa. I appreciate all your kind words, and I also appreciate the acknowledgment of our walk with Michael.”

Machiventa: “At this time Mathew would like to talk with you.”

Mathew: “Hello Sandy this is Mathew. I’m ever so pleased that you have allowed me to take up residence with you and George. I am having a wonderful time giving George those nudges. He is very aware of this, which helps a lot, too. I see you as a great couple, and I will be with you during the times of the ‘unfoldment’ of Project Outreach.

“I will communicate with Bzutu, and also with Machiventa, and we can be confident of receiving the right words that will assist people toward their individual spiritual paths. There will be a ‘pulling away’ from many activities, because of our plans for the 11.11 List, which will occupy a lot of your time.

“George is doing what he loves to do, and he is ever so willing to do his best. He is indeed an enlightened one.

“At this time Clara would like to talk with you.”

Clara (coming through rather exuberantly): “Hello Mates!!! I have been in the background for a time since my arrival. I am settling in for the long haul, and Mathew and I will combine our energies for whatever task Machiventa lays out before us. I am studying the nature of you mortals. This is a field trip for me, for the furthering of my knowledge and full familiarization with the intricate workings of this Progress Platoon.”

Sandy: “Machiventa stands back, smiling. He really likes Clara’s antics.”

Clara: “Andrea and Bzutu would like for me to extend a word of congratulations on your relationship, and your upcoming marriage.

“This is go-o-od!!! This is fi-i-ine!!!

“We will all bow out now, and let you get on with your day. We all send you our love and you are indeed beacons of light. George is a dedicated mortal, who is here as a pioneer, and we all think of him as our loving brother. G’day to you both.”

Sandy: “Thank you all. Thank you, Clara, for coming through, and Mathew, too. Thank you Machiventa. We will talk with you again soon. Goodbye now.”

Notes: Mathew stated: "... and we can be confident of receiving the right words that will assist people toward their individual spiritual paths.”

This is confirmation upon request we be supplied with lessons that are suitable for those who are progressing along vastly different “spiritual paths towards the mountain’s pinnacle”.

We were greatly concerned about Clara’s ability to communicate with us. We no longer have this concern, obviously.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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