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Idaho, US of A, December 22, 2001.

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee

Machiventa: "Good day to you all. This is Machiventa. I would like to share with you the festivities of these holidays that symbolize the birth of our Father Brother Christ Michael.

"The Master led such an unassuming life while on Urantia. He was a very humble man during his sojourn on your planet, and, still, His ways remain so after all these years. His Unconditional Love goes forth to you and all your brothers and sisters, as it does to all creatures in His universe.

"I am honored to be His associate in the work we do to help uplift the spiritual flavor of this planet, and I long ago gave my life and my will over to the care of Christ Michael.

"My message today is of Unconditional Love, and the first step we must take is in loving Our Father with our very being. Take Him into your heart and follow His lead and prompting. There is no other way to become a spiritized being whilst here on Urantia.

"We need always have faith that His will and direction is the only way for us to find peace and contentment. Think about Christ Michael and the way in which He lived his earthly existence as you go about the life the Father daily sets before you.

"Yes, my absence from your home has been a lengthy one. I have been working non-stop with your Midwayer Friends in this time of hardship and toil. Father's mortal children are in a state of uprising, and this trying season has made it more urgent for you to 'love thy God with all thy soul'.

"I will continue with my task of helping to bring peace on earth. I have called forth our capable Midwayer troops. Midwayers largely provide the action, and they carry out the task of directing the energy, for there is a constant need for energy in these subliminal transmissions they are about.

"We have strategically placed Midwayers with Heads of State and Heads of Government at this crucial time, for they (The Midwayers) never let a task go unfinished. Indeed, your Midwayer Cousins are the warriors of God, and they wish only for His will to be done. Praise God in this season of merriment with your gratitude, and bear in mind that love is all there is.

"I am honored to be your Planetary Prince, and I take this task very seriously, as all of us here want nothing more than to see "the coming together" of all your brothers and sisters in peace and happiness. Remember that Unconditional Love is within your heart for you to give it freely to one another.

"For the sole purpose of life is to know love.

"I send you… Unconditional Love. I am Machiventa."

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