Crippling Fear.


Osburn, Idaho, US of A, October 14, 2001.

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee

George: "We both greet you, Machiventa."

Machiventa: "Today I would like to talk about the rampant human emotions caused by this war on terrorism.

"The terrorists know how to twist the minds of many into an enormous 'ball of fear'. And fear of the unknown has the ability to cripple some people much faster even, than might the horrific wound caused by the loss of one's leg in battle.

"I have had brought to my notice the many people who are trying to make themselves appear more reverend than the next person by using God's name to somehow achieve their need for control over others. They do not deserve the power they commandeer by placing fear into others.

"Fear is not a big word, but it has a mighty slug behind it, that can knock down the poor and innocent people who do not have a chance to 'stand up in strength for themselves'. Men are still so easily intimidated; they dare not oppose the big bully who strikes them down.

"A fever has also taken hold of many people in America, and these individuals seems to want to run, and hide, and somehow protect themselves, from a big power idol. But this idol will never actually touch the lives of the countless people who are so afraid.

"As we look around, we find there are millions of people who are afraid because some misguided terrorist has threatened them, and has actually had an effect upon most of them.

"I would suggest that each of you look at the unlikelihood of anything touching your life, or the lives of your loved ones. You must not be crippled by these threats of your being harmed. We do have a Father in Heaven who will see to it that each of his children is cared for.

"He will care for some of his children on His Mansion Worlds.

"It is a matter of having trust in His caring for your loved ones if they are to be among the few who will called to do their duty for their country. And, yes, there will be casualties for whom only God can care.

"You will then simply be "those who are left behind" by "those who have gone ahead", but in that final moment on Urantia -- sooner or later -- each individual still has to face death quite alone. The brave will become 'the bright stars' in his universes.

"God is your Father, and He will be the One who will deliver you into His heavenly home when it is your time.

"I ask that each of you go about your life each day, and with courage and trust in Him. Do not let the crippling effects of fear hinder you. Pray for the less fortunate, and be strong for them in their time of need and sorrow.

"It is not going to be the end of the world, and Michael and Mother Spirit give every one of us a hug as we begin each new day.

"I consider myself to be very fortunate to be your acting Planetary Prince, and I am proud of the courage that so many of you show by beginning each day with smiles on your faces, and a resolve to do your best in God's name.

"I send my love to each of you. I take my leave, and I thank you two for allowing me to express these thoughts here today."

George: "You are most welcome. Goodbye."

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