A lesson for all -- "Taking Life on Life’s Terms.


Idaho, US of A, February 7, 2002

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Machiventa: "Hello, Sandy. I am glad that you called for me today.

"I enjoy your company and I appreciate the efforts you and George are making. Trying to do God's will in your daily lives is, at times, very difficult. But the most important aspect of doing Gods will is for you to love Him and allow His love to flow through to you.

"At times, it is easy to take that spiritual step forward, and at other times it is an almost unattainable goal, we know. The term "intention" clearly explains your trying to take that progressive spiritual step, but frequently the human factor in your makeup will frustrate your plans.

''As a human on Urantia you can see all around you the circumstances where life is 'just not fair'. One individual finds no struggle with survival at all, yet another fights a seemingly endless battle day after day. So many of His children are utterly spoiled, and the next moment you are noticing a pathetic little child starving to death.

"If it were to be fair, life would be too easy and many, many lessons would remain unlearned in that relatively short time you dwell upon your world. And a passive, uneventful life is not what your Higher Self chose for you to live on this planet.

"Life is not fair in that bad things happen to good people, as you well know. You have all experienced many examples of this in your lifetimes -- of people who are poor and yet very happy, whilst others who are wealthy endure constant unhappiness.

"Life demands that you take life on life’s terms.

"You all came a long, long way before your incarnation on Urantia. With each of you, the fragment of the Creator guided you, and will go on with you into Eternity. The ongoing knowledge of this, and your frequently remembering this, will help you to manage and succeed in your daily struggles with your knowing that you are, all of you, indeed a part of the Godhead.

"The happenings in your lives, were planned far ahead of time, and there has now begun a new phase of spirituality on Urantia. Take these words in a manner that will be uplifting to your minds and emotions. Many are here with me today, and all we want to do is to cheer you on on your life's paths. Let us talk again soon.

"I will close with the thought that, to learn to love is life’s greatest gift.

"I am Machiventa."

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