Planting the Seeds of Progress.


Idaho, US of A, February 11, 2002

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Sandy: "Dear Machiventa, I request that you talk with me.

"The Teaching Mission List is attacking the words of your transmission of February 7th. The sky is falling in on me, and I just need to know WHY.

"I stick to the guns for you, and post your exact words as much as is humanly possible. I donít TR unless I can clear my mind for your input."

Machiventa: "Hello Sandy, this is Machiventa. You are indeed, a valuable receiver to us. And at times we need to push the limits to plant the seeds of progress.

"This universe is constantly changing and growing. And if this were not true, all of our efforts in Michael's work would die in a very short time from its beginnings.

"Take for instance a wildflower that lives for just a few days, then seemingly dies. But creation goes on for this parent plant when it drops its seeds into the fertile soil of the earth, and life begins again.

"Creation must go on. Constantly.

"Such is the same with Godís children. If work were to stop and no more seeds were planted; humanity would then also stagnate. And perhaps die.

"In Michael's creation on Urantia, you will discover two necessary types of people. The first type are the parents that stand straight, and teach their children the valuable lessons that will sustain the next generation -- the children of progress, that leave their homes and seek the adventure of new frontiers.

"Removing the barriers, and accepting the new life information as the circuits are opening, is the very miracle of the Teaching Mission.

"As I said in the transmission of February 7th, I will close with the thought that to learn to love is lifeís greatest gift.

"I am Machiventa."

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