Your Visualized Valley of Peace.


Idaho, US of A, February 15, 2002

Machiventa and Michael.

Received by Sandy Montee

Machiventa: "Hello, this is Machiventa.

"I ask all of you today to come along with me on a visualization journey.

"I would like you to imagine a serene valley of flowers and small animals, and for you to sense a feeling of complete tranquillity. I will stay with you, and we are holding hands. Observe this beautiful valley with its small stream and a path that goes along the water's edge -- all the trees and grass so very green and the flowers of many colors. Nature is at its best and we spot hummingbirds and honey bees sipping nectar from the flowers.

"We are just walking slowly, and enjoying the beautiful landscape all around us. I'm holding your hand in the hope that you will feel my energy and see that I am in harmony with your thoughts of both, happiness and sadness. But this is our valley of peace and serenity, and for these moments in time your lives of frantic activity of your usual day to day tasks matter no more.

"Look ahead on our path now and see our Brother/Father/Savior, Christ Michael. He is approaching us and I would like you to notice that He has a golden light around Him and has a countenance that reflects total peace beyond description.

"As we meet up, please take Michael’s hand so the three of us can walk hand in hand and enjoy this time of peace. Feel the energy going back and forth between the three of us. We are in a place where no worries can reach us. Michael would like to speak to you all, and we welcome that.

Michael: "This is Michael. I am so happy you are here, just to be here with me. I extend my love to you all in the purest form, and you can feel our great positive energy combine as we reach out and touch.

"Pray to our Father, often, realizing He does take perfect care of you, and thank him for each and all of the items on your gratitude list.

"I love you my dear ones and with all of my being. I thank you and commend you for believing in and trusting in Our Father. And I can only say for you to go about your day and stop, and stop many times, to look into the eyes of your loved ones, your neighbors and your acquaintances.

"See that God Fragment within. This person looks back at you with respect, love and graciousness. It is there in their eyes, indeed. You can see the sparkle, the twinkle of admiration and love within this person.

"Do break down the barriers and see yourselves giving her or him the unconditional love and respect you all deserve. See this other person as your dear brother or sister, and realize you are on even terms in your knowing that the Father loves everyone equally. I, too, love each of you equally and with all my heart to strengthen your resolve to plan and achieve your goals in the tasks the Father sets before you.

"Know that I am with you, always. Know that I always want you to feel the freedom of being yourself, for each of you is unique.

"Be lighthearted today, my children, no matter your circumstances. Imagine our reciprocal love as a golden beam of light that surrounds you, and pull all your brothers and sisters closer to you so they might also be in the light.

"I love Urantia and I love each of you, my children. I will say goodbye for now, and yet I remain with you. I am Michael.

Machiventa: "Our Michael now turns and walks back the way He came, as we will do. We will move back into our world on Urantia, where we can all go about our day.

"Hold onto the peace and serenity you experienced. I suggest I might go now, and I thank you for being here with me within the great love of that golden light. You are, each of you, precious in my eyes, and I will always give you my unconditional love.

"I take my leave. I am Machiventa."

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