Of New and Old Friends.


Oregon, US of A, March 2, 2002.


Received by George Barnard

Machiventa: "What could possibly be more important than that which is put in front of you at any given time? The key word here is "Progress", my friend, and there are thousands of avenues of involvement for you to perceive, if only you poke your noses into the breeze, and sniff out the opportunities, and be prepared to turn dull mortal lives into exciting adventures in the relatively short time/space experiences you have on your world. And as this group has done.

"My greetings go to you, my dear one, and also to all those for whom you care. This is Machiventa.

George: "Maybe we're through being slow learners and could now be classified as marginally intellectually handicapped transients."

Machiventa: "Most certainly and truly, my student. But we here, together with the many onlookers -- and these at great range from your planet, and both in number and from distances inconceivable to your minds -- have long been aware of each valued member of this group of old and new friends that have now gathered in the Father's name.

"We have experienced great friendships and tentative efforts by all to learn from each other, and grasp the intricacies of some of the many diverse personalities that are needed to eventually "make whole" the Planetary Child of the Supreme Being.

"We have enjoyed immensely your comradeship, your, at times, somewhat questionable humor, and the valuable exchange of information that has here taken place. And not only do we recognize the efforts of those who taught, but also the efforts of those who have learned, the efforts of those who made welcome, and the efforts of our more "etheric" brothers and sisters that helped make this association of like minds come about.

"To simply be here, to merely enjoy your company, and to furthermore be in the presence of those of more precocious status than that which any of us now hold, has in itself been extremely rewarding. We thank you for your efforts, all, and may you be in receipt of Michael's, Nebadonia's, and the Father's rewards for reaching out to your siblings.

"To Progress! I am Machiventa."

George: "Bzutu?"

Bzutu: "Be at peace, brother. Be at peace, and carry on."

From memory: It was in the fall of 2000 when I posed the question to Life Carrier, Orion, that the Supreme Being might well be a descending Deity throughout the universes, sectors, etc. to finally be represented on each inhabited planet as "The Planetary Child of God the Supreme".

It was Teacher Tomas who answered this inquiry by pointing out that the term "Evolving Planetary Embryo of God the Supreme" would be a more appropriate. This information appeared in a lengthy Coeur d'Alene transcript, but to the best of my recall there were at the time no comments to this seemingly new information.

Perhaps the often witnessed "ghost phenomenon" -- detection of "undissolved astral selves" -- may well indicate that the Embryo of God the Supreme has as yet been unable to assimilate this yet to be analyzed "by-product of human existence".

It's just a small thought from George Barnard.

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