Gather the Trust.


Arcadia, US of A, March 22, 2002


Received by George Barnard.

George (Talking to Midwayer, ABC-22): "It's wonderful to have you around, Brother, because if anything fouls up in the days to come, I can always blame you."

Bzutu: "If that is convenient."

George: "This is perhaps a way of starting off the process. I hear your ringing in my ear. A contact has been established. The name I read is Machiventa."

Machiventa: "My dear one, this is indeed Machiventa. And I am aware of the fact that on this day you learned of my appointment to the position of Planetary Prince of this world.

"It is my intention to frequently communicate with you. And as always, it is to bring your Midwayer Friends to the fore, to prepare some of the brothers and sisters with whom you communicate with the necessary fact that more and more people all over the globe, of many races, many creeds, many cultures, will achieve contact with another species that are their nearest relatives.

"I encourage you to continue to practice your form of meditation. I encourage you to also continue to "play out" this specific method of visualization that you teach. Above all, I encourage you to gather the trust in the accuracy of what you are (now) receiving, and of what you are transmitting.

"You will, in the end, and most likely, much more appreciate this method of communication than you do the method you have heretofore utilized.

"Right at this moment, I want you to consider the hospitality you have here received. I want you to consider what it is that can be done for your hostess, as well as what can be done for the members of this entire group. Right now, I want you to consider what it is that you can do for the meeting of seekers you will soon be attending.

"With adequate forethought, I'm sure, you will bring all these tasks to a satisfactory conclusion.

"Be assured that your Friends of long ago (unclear and not recalled). Be assured also that your Friends of long standing will be with you in this pursuit, and rest assured that Michael's best wishes, Nebadonia's blessings, and my support, will always travel with you.

"I am Machiventa."

Notes: Until now, it was my understanding that Machiventa was Urantia's Vicegerent Planetary Prince. It appears Michael has recently relinquished His hard-earned title.

We recently learned that some 150,000 Secondary Midwayers from other planets will "be at work" on Urantia, but they will function in rotation, and we will not know the actual number employed at any given time. `

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