Group Cooperation and Down Time.


Idaho, US of A, February 21, 2002

Machiventa Melchizedek, Midwayer Bzutu (ABC-22)

Received by George Barnard

George: "I can hear your ringing in my ear (indistinguishable). I'm ready to record what you have to say to me. Don't be shy. I'm only the floorsweep in this outfit."

Machiventa: "I am Machiventa Melchizedek. It gives me pleasure to speak with you, and directly at this time. It has been, for you, a great many busy years since we conversed in this way. And I want to congratulate you, and those who so capably assist you, with the many and diverse functions you are fulfilling.

"Even though you are aware of the fact that your attention is at present somewhat scattered, I would like for you to relax further and try to clear your mind -- not break off this conversation.

"We are many here who surround you. We are many here who applaud the way your group, though widely dispersed, is growing, and the way in which you are reaching more of the Master's children on almost each day. They are Michael's wishes that they may hear His words, and learn of His love for all.

(Indistinguishable) "…over this world. And they are, indeed, the translators who will come to the fore and spread even further from this source the words of the One who cares most and cares for all -- the Father.

"Both you and your friends have undertaken a mighty task, but you can rest assured and be confident that this is a tightly-knit and solid group that will achieve its goals in the end, then find still more projects in His service.

"We are aware of the fact that life on Urantia can be difficult, and for many to simply survive from day to day, can be a major task. We say, Bravo, to those who make the extra effort and take on the responsibilities of reaching out to their brothers and sisters and let their small lights shine all around them. And let their lights shine strongest on those in greatest need.

(Long break without discernible contact.)

"We want you to know that it is completely normal to occasionally arrive at times of doubts and indecision. These are also times when you gather the strength for a new momentum. They are also the times during which one can reflect on what has past. They are the times when new plans are shaped and solutions are found.

"They are the times that, in the end analysis, bring the results you all long for. These down times are there for a reason, and are a necessary part of human existence. They are the rest periods that are essential for continuance, and these breaks in "production" are meant to shine new light on projects already in progress."

George: "Thank you. It is hard for me to see anyone this morning. Hard to even figure whom the Midwayer is who is facilitating this contact, Prince Machiventa."

Machiventa: "It is your old friend, Bzutu, who amongst his many tasks can still find the time to occasionally come around to keep an eye on you."

George: "As well he needs to. I greet you, Brother."

Machiventa: "It is your old friend who will frequently inquire up and down the line of communications how it is you are progressing."

George: "If at all… My thanks go out to you both."

Machiventa: "Already this receiver/transmitter is fatigued. We shall shortly wrap up this communication. For you, George, it is in a sense a milestone, since there have been but rare occasions that you would open your heart, your mind, your soul, or even long for to hear the words of your Teachers.

"Your attachment to, friendship with, camaraderie and the exchange of humor with your… Spirit Guardian Friends… in task related efforts has been all but exclusive of others who wished for informative discourse."

"It has been such that it dispensed with all other Teachers. It has indeed been an unusual association, but you will find each day as you continue to practice your periods of meditation that more and more Celestial Friends will take the opportunity to provide you with the lessons that will allow for many brothers and sisters to heed their words, and allow for their lives to run smoother.

"I leave you with these thoughts. I am Machiventa."

George: "Au revoir, Machiventa."

Bzutu: "You are a brother. Adieu."

Note: It was in 1992 or 1993 I last (and also for the first time) heard directly from Machiventa. It was, too, about another specific task, not a lesson.

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