Life -- Free Will in Motion.


Idaho, US of A, 27 April, 2002


Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: "Hello Sandy. This is your friend, Machiventa.

"Today I would like to speak to you all about the lessons of life. In fact, all of life is an extensive lesson of great importance. Many times, I have heard you and others say that you don't want any more hard lessons, and that now you have met with enough obstacles to last you a lifetime.

"And yet, each time again, you are learning that life is a learning experience in itself, of itself, because of the wisdom you gather by actually living through these lessons. You may even find that you are occasionally setting aside your greatest hopes and treasured dreams for the future, because of another hard lesson to be learned.

"Each "today" is a day that God has gifted to you, and the more wisdom you can gain on each day, the more it is helping you build your character. Life is a precious commodity, and we Teachers need to impress on you that you are indeed lucky, because of the lessons you have been aware of in the past. These obstacles, these difficulties, these problems to be solved by you, have the purpose of your drawing you closer to God.

"As you get older, the possibility of your realizing the value of these past lessons are even greater, because of the natural slowing down of your day-to-day activities. You have time to think, appraise, look back, and consider, in order to, and with more empathy, counsel others you come into contact with.

"Acquired wisdom and knowledge are powerful tools when "you have been there". Acquired wisdom and knowledge represent a much more complete understanding, compared to your having read about certain experiences, or having been educated to know.

"The awareness that life and its battles are in fact lessons that you must learn, in order for you to value the precious Gift of life that God has given you.

"Do the best you can to educate yourself, my children. There are many Teachers' transmissions that cover virtually all aspects of the many difficulties you could come to face. Your very life is your free will in motion.

"You may often look forward to a time when you can have peace of mind, contentment, and tranquillity. Is this ever truly possible for any of you, without the constant challenges? Take the experiences you are facing each day, consider them, but learn to leave the results to the Father.

"Give the ability to let go at least as much time as you spend in worrying. The way of mortal existence becomes easier as you direct your faith to God, Michael and Nebadonia.

"I ask that you put on a happy face as you go about your day, without concern about what tomorrow may bring.

"I am with you all. I am your Planetary Prince, Machiventa."

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