Idaho, US of A, June 26, 2002.

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: "Hello Sandy. This is your friend, Machiventa."

Sandy: "Good morning Machiventa. What should we talk about today?"

Machiventa: "Let us speak a few words about cooperation. Cooperation can be a seemingly highly complex matter. If you think about Our Father, Jesus (Michael), and Mother Spirit, if you can just imagine, then you would begin to comprehend to what great degree They work together.

"Theirs is an indescribably loving relationship, and They must be able to cooperate to the utmost degree of "oneness in decision making". As we go down the line, we see the Melchizedeks, the Life Carriers, and the list goes on and on.

"Cooperation is of the utmost importance for us teachers, for us to be able to transmit our words through the Midway Helpers, and to bring our teachings to many people on Urantia -- those who are involved in the Teaching Mission, those who believe in a spiritual life, and to those who generally live their life of sheer faith in God.

"Cooperation is also necessary in all human relationships. There is a degree where one person is fully cooperating, and if the other person gives to the same degree, you have a better than average relationship. Many times the balance of cooperation will inevitably change. This is where the art of listening becomes vital, if cooperation is going to bring about the desired end product.

"We could talk about large, powerful countries that try to bring peace to another nation. Many times, these large countries, even big corporations, bring their heavy-handed tactics to the bargaining table. The smaller of the two will simply be forced to cooperate, however, the smaller of the two will be discontent, and eventually rise up in their own defense.

"A good relationship is seldom static. It is virtually always undergoing transformation of some kind, and a change of attitude can add to, or take away from, the success of any relationship.

"So often in relationships, cooperation only means; "who can get the best of the other". Those who must submit to the tactics of the larger nation, or the more powerful individual in that partnership, will show its, his, or her, discontent in giving the least amount of cooperation.

The relationship will then enter a downward spiral until there is no relationship left. To agree upon a goal, and to try your combined best in achieving that goal, is an-easy-to-understand "secret". To have a content and loving relationship, one must also believe that the other is giving his or her full cooperation. And if a crisis befalls the partners, they can either pull away from each other, or shake hands in negotiation and promote further collaboration.

"As you go about your days, be aware of whom you are cooperating with, and look at the degree to which you refused to cooperate, thereby becoming the bully who insists on doing, or saying things your way, and refusing to consider the other person in the least.

"When you give the gift of cooperation, it encourages the other person to trust and believe in your honesty. He or she will then offer the very best in return.

"I will leave you with these thoughts for today, and I send my love to all.

"I am Machiventa."

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