Finding the Solutions.


Idaho, US of A, August 17, 2002.

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: “Good Morning, Sandy. This is your friend, Machiventa. Yes, let us do a transmission for the list today. I would like to talk about “Finding the Solutions”.

“So many times when one has problems to be solved, one can get stuck in the mire of these quandaries and keep concentrating on problems to the point where they add up to an insurmountable handicap. Each obstacle that is being perceived may stay on the mind and fester there until one can think of nothing other than “these obstacles”.

“Rather than doing this, let us now instead discuss how to bring about the solutions, and let us put our minds at work on the different ways of solving these problems.

“When meeting up with a difficulty in life, there is a need to, first of all, identify it. Think about the subject and decide if you might be blowing things a little out of proportion in the first place. Once that fact is established, start thinking about a suitable solution.

“However, quite often when you are identifying a problem, you may find that it is not a problem at all. And, at least on some occasions, you will find that it is not even your problem, but someone else's, and he, or she, is suggesting that you must solve it, instead of their claiming it as their own.

“Let us now get into the matter of finding the solution. Usually, a solution is not that hard to discover, nor do you need to solve the problem in the hardest possible way. Try to simplify it, and then find the solution that will cause you the least displeasure.

“If it is a matter of material gain or loss, do what you can about it, then forget about the outcome. Material things in this life are usually not needs, only wants.

“Think: ‘How can I get over this obstacle.’ At times, you must go around it, and sometimes you must just leave it alone, or backtrack and take a different approach. When you are dealing with others, try to meaningfully communicate with them, and do not be too anxious to get your own way. Think also about what the other person wants and needs from you.

“This can be as simple as trying to purchase an automobile when the salesman is insisting on a higher price than you are willing to pay. The word here is ‘negotiate’ -- letting him know what you can afford and that you may need to change your mind and look at a more economical purchase. It may well be that you cannot make a deal with him at all.

“The same applies when you are trying to explain yourself to others. You may have to back up, and use a different approach the other person will understand.

“As you go about your day, you will find that you are better off to negotiate, rather than to insist on always getting or doing things your way.

“Live ‘in the solution’ instead of ‘in the problem’. If you will apply this like a lighthearted and fun exercise, lots of times the problems will just disappear. You will, in the very least, find that the solutions by far outnumber the problems. You will often find that it was not a problem after all. You will also discover that the things you worry most about are usually the least significant.

“I must go now. I send you my love. I am Machiventa.”

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