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Idaho, US of A, September 5, 2002.

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: “Hello Sandy. This is Machiventa.”

Sandy: “Hello Machiventa.”

Machiventa: “Today I would like to speak to the many hundreds on these lists about acquiring the services of Personal Teachers.

“We have here, waiting in the wings, an inconceivable number of Angels, Spirit Beings, and Advanced Former Mortals, who have all trained to become Teachers in a one-on-one situation with every person on the planet.

“A Personal Teacher is sometimes called a Guide, or Spirit Guide, and that is exactly what they would like to do for you -- to guide you in, and to enhance, your spiritual life, and to help bring about positive happenings for you -- the person they are assigned to assist if requested.

“Personal Teachers will walk with you, and even know you to the extent of their going through the emotions of your every-day life with you – the joys and the heartaches.

“For you to be granted the services of a Personal Teacher is almost as simple as for you to recognize that you indeed already have one.

“These Teachers have all volunteered to assist in person-to-person tutoring, and they are truly anxious for you to begin to include them in your daily life. Many among them who now wait, once actually lived on planet Earth, and better than anyone they understand so very well the ups and downs of life on this sphere.

“However, in addition to all that, they can see the bigger picture so much better than you can, and they can bring about positive happenings that will enhance the quality of your life, for they, in turn, are in touch with the Specialists of the Spirit Worlds.

“Frequently, also, they will call on other Teachers or Advisors who are there for you to consult with, or for them to consult with on your behalf, and in such varied matters as your physical, emotional and spiritual health. They can also assist in many other, more practical ways.

“Imagine! You will have a Teacher that can be there for you, and is always very willing to be there for you, and to guide you through finalizing the decisions that you must make! By your recognizing this great and wonderful opportunity, and by your utilizing their extensive knowledge and wisdom, much of your life can and will turn out for the better.

“You must ask for your Teacher for one to be appointed, and in your quietness or silence one will introduce herself, or himself, to you. And therefore, at that very moment, that brand new relationship will have begun, and you will be able to sense their guiding you, and you will be able to feel their love for you.

“Trust your feelings when you begin to discern that a friendly new Entity has arrived to work with you. Strike up a conversation with this new arrival and listen for the responses you will get. You will surely be able to feel the effects of ‘your getting in touch with a Spiritual Friend who unequivocally has your interests at heart’. I say this is all easier than you may think it might be.

(Somewhat emphasized here): “Just ask for the Teacher. Basically recognize that one is already there for you. Simply accept the help they can give you.

“This can be a enjoyable exercise. And, although you may at first, or quite often, think that it is only your overactive imagination, you will soon recognize that a Personal Teacher is in actual fact with you, to help you to more enjoy, and give direction to, your day-to-day life.

“I must go now. I send you my love.

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek.”

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