Let Him into Your Life.


Illawarra District, Australia, December 3, 2002

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Sandy: “Hello, Machiventa. I sense that you are near to us now.”

Machiventa: “Yes, I am here with you this evening. I have been extremely busy of late, and this has prevented me from stopping by, as you have been informed. However, we know you have been just fine these lazy summer days, as we are aware of all those who have knowledge of, and those who are actively engaged in some project in, this, the Correcting Time.”

Sandy: “I have been reading a very interesting book with the title, “Celestial Messages”. Again and again it impresses on us that we need to pray to God for His divine love. I know that we need to ask for a Celestial Teacher’s lesson, or a Midwayer’s help, but I thought the Father would simply read our minds to know that we always desire His love, like I do.”

Machiventa: “The Father has given you free will and this is both, your birthright as an independent person, as well as an obligation on your part to create spiritual progress in your life. And although your chosen path may well be a spiritual one, you still need to ask Him in definite terms just what it is that you desire to receive from Him.

“I understand it is very hard for mortals to know just what one needs to do, and how you need to tell your Creator of your desires, but if you think of God as a loving Parent you will realize that you can talk with Him, just as you would talk to your mortal parents.

“It is His deep-felt desire that you all come to Him in times of joy and peace, as well as in times of anguish and despair. The Father is your personal God and He wishes for you to tell Him what it is you need to progress in your spiritual journey. His helping Hand is always outstretched toward you, as It is toward all His children.

“Praise God for having given you this life, let Him into your life, and let Him walk with you throughout your days. As a Melchizedek Teacher and your Planetary Prince, I, and even Michael and Mother Spirit, do not wish for our mortal brothers and sisters to come to us with praise, instead of bestowing this praise upon our Father. God is the one to worship and sing your praises to, for He is the Creator of all there is, and He should always be held in the highest esteem. I work for Michael and Mother Spirit. They, in turn, work for the Father.

“Let me tell you now that at this time we are all working for peace on earth, and that we are truly struggling with the concept that men and women intend to once again take up arms to fight each other in these days. It is even more troubling to us that this may be done in the name of God, Who wants no more senseless slaughter.

“More times of war and atrocities perpetrated by sibling against sibling are ever so wrong for a planet that is trying to attain the first steps toward Light and Life. Let the Father into your life, as you ask Him for peace on earth.

“As one of your dear associates so often remarks, ‘May Peace Prevail’. I will leave you with these thoughts this evening.

“This is your brother, friend and teacher, Machiventa.”

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