Human Free Will.


Illawarra District, Australia, February 13, 2003

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Sandy: “Hello Machiventa.”

Machiventa: “Greetings. I’m suggesting it may be a little too warm for you in your home on this day.”

Sandy: “Yes it is. I’m dreaming of cool North Idaho today. I understand it has been mostly raining there for months. George feels it’s important for the lists to be ‘kept alive’, especially in these difficult times.”

Machiventa: “Certainly. Let us talk about the need for closeness of home and family. We observe a great deal of restlessness in those soldiers and/or family, who for various reasons are away from the ones they love. It is a natural human desire to pull closer together in times of extreme threats – this potential hazard of an all-out war, with many nations around the world fighting each other.

“These feelings of horror in the making spill over from one individual to another, to become greatly stressful to whole nations, and especially the risk of immediate physical danger is unravelling the sense of safety in persons all around the world.

“At such times, people want to be in the closeness of their home environment, and to be on hand for those they love, just in case their lives will be threatened in a real way. Yes, it only stands to reason that people want to cling together when they feel upset about the monster of possible war.

“This still potential war is coming closer to being a reality every day, and if the leaders of all nations don’t urgently back down and find peaceful solutions, this will indeed happen. It may well be at a final cost of millions of lives coming to an end much before a time of natural demise and translation.

“As your world prepares for war, so do we also prepare for the possibility of a mighty influx of immature souls, for we, your celestial brothers, can only stand by you, hope and pray you will make the right free-will decisions. Our Father is always prepared for His children to come into His comforting embrace.

“We can only prepare ourselves, and be ready to do our part, in case a time will come for such an unhappy conclusion about warring is reached. I would advise that as mortals you also gather family and loved ones close to you, just as your natural instincts prompt you to do at times like this.

“Togetherness in prayer will bring you comfort. I will leave you now, and I send you my love. This is Machiventa.”

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