Towards Light and Life, and Time.


Idaho, US of A, March 16, 2003

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Machiventa: “This is your Planetary Prince and Teacher, Machiventa. This evening I would like to discuss how life goes on despite great difficulties. Time does not stop ticking by, when everything is moving along smoothly and in perceived perfect balance. And during times when we worry about the future – and at this period in your world you have a lot of company, wondering what is going to happen next – time moves on, no faster, no slower, but at the very same steady pace.

“Well, I have heard it being whispered that it is my personal responsibility to see that the planet will attain Light and Life. That is indeed what we (Celestials) all work toward; however, on many occasions we appear to be taking just one small step forward, to be pushed two big steps back, for the pendulum of time will swing.

“Man and his free will privileges can play havoc with Michael’s scheduled plans for planet earth, yet wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in peace and harmony right now? It is just not going to happen in this, your lifetime, my faithful student, because there will always be obstacles to overcome, problems to solve, and there will always be sickness and hunger somewhere, no matter how much people daydream that someday soon this will become their perfect world.

“Even on those planets where Light and Life has arrived, there are still ups and downs in each person’s life, and it is not simply a day-after-day enjoyment of heavenly bliss. Planet earth can evolve towards such relatively better times, and it is truly doing this already, yet the improvements will always remain slow, and go largely unnoticed by those who have but short stays in time, and in this realm.

“If I were to be alone at this task, and restricted to talking with just one person at the time, I might talk about what that one individual could do -- the will of God -- and the caring for his or her brothers and sisters would certainly be on top of the list. I’m hardly alone, and, moreover, when I speak to your kind (channeler or TR), I can reach many souls.

“And if the vast majority on this earth could be reached in this way, and if that majority could all attain peace and tranquility within their souls, life would swiftly become ‘wonderful’. However, that is still far from being the case, and your lives are going to hand you the severe ups and downs you need, in order for you to fulfill your purpose of being, and for you to acquire the training that you opted to receive here, and that you are destined to accept in this, your lifetime, and for later utilization.

“Blinded to events of the future, you can plan for tomorrow, but you can only live in today, and even I, your Planetary Prince -- who can see the overall picture much more clearly than can you -- still need to remain in the here and now, to do the best possible job today, in order to be hopeful about my tomorrow.

“From my viewpoint as a teacher I would much prefer if each of my (mortal) students were to learn something once, and have it remain in their memory, and for my not having to repeat these lessons again and again. But the same lesson, given today, will take on a somewhat different meaning tomorrow, largely depending on the circumstances surrounding you at any given time. And a dire problem today may not at all be troublesome to you tomorrow, because of the different frame of mind you may well be in.

“If you are ‘walking on a happy path’, there is not a great deal that can bother you, and you will manage good mileage at that time, but if you are going down a path of obstacles, you will soon tire and need to stop and rest. Life will continue in good times and in bad times, and the ultimate destination and objective of your lives is quite simply for you to enter into the Light of the Father, and to walk beside Jesus the Christ.

“Have trust in that I and all my heavenly helpers are trying hard to bring Urantia to a more peaceful state. There are many crises at hand, and some of them will be worked out, while others may be fought out on the battlefield. We are doing all we can do within our capacity, and as per Michael’s wise mandates.

“Keep up the sincere prayers, and continue to ‘reside in your ever-loyal faith’ that relief will come, and that in time we will live through the present threat of utter world chaos. I will end this transmission for now.

“I send you my love. This is Machiventa.”

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