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Idaho, US of A, June 2, 2002

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Sandy: “Hello, dear Machiventa.”

Machiventa: "I am here with you this morning. Let us do 'a writing' and I would like to stay here with you for a time.

"For many people on planet Earth it may seem that they are often taking one step forward, only to be pushed right back two whole steps or more. And for me it is easy to observe that plans made in all confidence do not always work out as one might wish. Yes, there are many troubled lives, daily engaged in the basic fight for survival.

"The vast majority of you must get on the treadmill each morning, and just to keep the bread on the table for the family takes up most of your working day. It is not an easy life, and I know it is hard for some to even believe that there is a Creator Father, who is on your side, and who wishes only the best for you.

"At times, the business of living can involve so much stress, it becomes difficult to even stay in any kind of 'spiritual mode'. And when darkness may loom ahead, it can become difficult to perceive that glimmer of Light that is your God showing you the way. He is persuading you to come closer to Him, and His light will then soon overcome the darkness.

"Trust that He is that quiet, soft voice you hear, encouraging you, and giving you the chance to travel a much easier, and satisfying path. He will provide you with the strength to overcome the obstacles of the ordinary life of the ordinary man and woman. And you will then discover yourself to be coming out through the maze, finding yourself closer to your heavenly Father.

"To blindly believe in the existence of your God, without seeing any tangible evidence of His presence, is a test of faith to equal no other on the absolute majority of planets, and it is so to the degree that life here on this earth is still considered to be in the shadows of great darkness.

"As His children, your doting Creator Father asks you to warm yourselves in the sunshine of the Light he brings you, and for you to allow everyone you meet into your circle of warmth and hope. Talk to others about the desire of their God to be recognized by them as being their loving Father.

"This is a short message today, for you to find 'the gems for thought'.

"I am Machiventa."

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