…And End In His Presence.


Idaho,US of A, June 17, 2003

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee

Machiventa: “I am right here with you, Sandy. It was with much pleasure that I watched you fall in love with your great-grandson the instant you first saw him. I congratulate you on this event, and I know your heart is filled with this new blessing God has given you.

“These are among the special times when the Creator looks down upon his human parents with great love, and Mother Spirit holds the children of Her children in extraordinary care. For you - with your eldest grandson away at war and in harm’s way - as for many persons in these difficult, uncertain days, the emotions are deeply stirred.

“Take comfort, all, in the knowledge that the Father does hear your prayers, and that He cares for all your loved ones, even more than you can.

“The different ‘seasons of your lives’ as you live them in your mortal years will, if you accept this, instill in you an impressive wisdom, much grace, and great tranquility. So many earthly lessons can be learned in your eagerness to boldly experience life in its fullness. I must say, I have watched a great many of you make countless mistakes, but it is through these errors that the most valuable lessons are learned for this life, and for your futures far beyond.

“This is so true for all lives on planet Earth.

“Once you gather the strength to accept and endure, it brings with it a much greater understanding of the purposes of your earthly being. Life is your most important teacher, and this teacher’s lessons represent soul growth. The Creator Fragment within you is then also progressing and advancing at the speed you allow It to advance. To embrace and welcome your circumstances as life ‘measures them out to you’ is the will of God.

“He lives in and through all creation on Urantia (Earth), and sends you many teachers, many angels, and it is to your great benefit, if you will recognize the fact that they surround you, and for you to learn to stay in conscious contact with all the help He sends. Your journeys of learning begin with the Father, and will end by your arriving in His glorious presence.

“I will now take my leave, and send my love to all.

“This is Machiventa Melchizedek.”

Note: Such a miracle is a newborn baby, especially when God has entrusted you with the responsibility of being a part of his life. A new beginning for me, as I hold and love a new little person whom I would like to protect from the harsh realities of life. As a grandparent, I am allowed to be in this child’s life as the person who can tell him that his life is precious, and with all the unconditional love I give him, I can instill in him the truth - that he is a special child of God. Thank you God for giving my family and me this new little bundle of joy… Sandy

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