Expanding the Horizons of your Mind.


Idaho, US of A, July 2, 2002.

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: "Hello, this is Machiventa."

Sandy: "Hello Machiventa.  I'm glad you came to see us this fine day."

Machiventa: "I'm always pleased to talk with you, and I delight in visiting this part of the world you call home.  God really does a wonderful job of landscaping, doesn't He?"

Sandy: "Yes.  He certainly does!  This is the place I call home, and I often feel that it is also the most beautiful country I've ever seen in my travels.  Australia does come in a close second, as I love the beaches and sea shores and the tropical forests.  I feel very lucky to have seen many a different of God's creations in my travels."

Machiventa: "I would like to talk this evening about expanding the horizons of your mind -- of all minds by all people.  I do understand that as a mortal your struggles for survival on Urantia take up most of anyone's time.  However, it is often necessary to create a new mindset in order to discover a greater degree of spirituality.

"God is indeed the Creator of all there is.  One honors His work by noticing and appreciating all the wonders that are spread out around you, and this is a way of thanking Him for your existing in this time, and on this planet.

"Bringing the mind to a degree of meditation in appreciation makes it very easy to enter into a new rationale.  The far horizon of your contemplation can behold a thrilling new adventure when you can approach it with an open and relaxed creative mind.  Not so with your mind's strictly directed thoughts.

"It is very much like controlled imagination.  However, when you let your thoughts expand, and you begin to grasp the validity of these new thought processes you can acquire that will allow new possibilities of comprehension, they will carry you on to the ultimate in possible truths.

"This new concept of reflection I bring you, is much like true Faith, and, as you know, Faith allows the God Fragment within each of you to teach you lessons that are beyond the grounding gravity that 'chains you to this earth'.

"There are many who have expanded their introspection to bring forth new discoveries through the experiment of broadening the horizons of their minds.  Let me assure you that the place in which you find yourselves embodied is but a small speck in the universes -- the duration of your lives but a wink of eternity.  And yet, the very vibrating energy fields that bring upon us Universal Mind are not at all beyond reception by mortals.

"This is precisely what I mean by 'expanding the horizons of your minds', and allowing your thoughts to combine, to merge, to synchronize, with the vibrating energy of His many creatures, on His many planets, to help create the very universes that have no end of possibilities.

"Let your mind 'climb onto this new level' of comprehension, and believe as does a small child, that most things are possible.  This new approach in contemplation is only the beginning of your being more and more open to the messages of Christ Michael, Nebadonia, and the many Celestial Beings who are waiting for a chance to help you develop wondrous new possibilities of advancement in your dimensions.

"I will leave you with these thoughts, and ask that you might try expanding your thoughts to include an openness for greater wisdom.

"I will leave you now.  I am Machiventa."

Sandy: "Good day to you, Machiventa.  Thank you for stopping by." 

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