Making Time To Achieve Balance.


Idaho, US of A; July 13, 2003

Machiventa Talks

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: "I would like to touch on the subject of your finding or making time to achieve "Balance" in your lives. We have spoken about this before, but I know it is of much importance to you, your comrades, and a great many on your world, to often remind yourselves of the vital, and occasionally preferable pursuit of introducing some variety and leisure into your days. This is Machiventa.

"It is at times prudent to stop and think and ask yourselves, when you feel that something is not altogether right, if perhaps what you are doing is taking your life ‘too far off balance’. It is so typical of human nature for you to keep on doing the same thing day after day, especially when it comes to working toward a predetermined and much-desired major goal.

"And I give you this instance of someone perhaps purchasing a new home. A preponderance of working hours may well be spent in making the money to pay for the acquisition, whilst time spent enjoying it is then quite forgotten about; enjoyment such as gardening, entertaining friends, or setting up a basketball hoop and challenging children or friends to a game.

"Life is a ‘balancing game’ for us all, and when you get too far off center it is your spiritual progress that suffers most. Not only do you need to regularly pray to God, but you also need to set aside time to meditate and just listen. When you are feeling out of control it may well be that your self will is running riot, that it is time to reflect on your motives, and time to ask God to retake control of your lives.

"He knows the overall grand plan and when you once more evaluate the doing of His will, it becomes easy to let go and be more aware of His influence.

"Our Creator Father is the ultimate Teacher, and it is He, who with unconditional love, patience, compassion and mercy for us all, instructs you about the balanced living of your lives. He wishes to give all His children the chance to co-create with Him, and if you allow (this), His power of ever-growing persuasion is what will lure you toward that ultimate perfection, which only He knows.

"It is rather unwise to think that you might ever improve on God’s perfect plan, but you can gain much wisdom when you let Him guide you towards supreme perfection in eternity with the very few small steps you are required to complete in this earthly lifetime to fully satisfy His purpose for you, and for now.

"This stipulated purpose of your long road to excellence fulfillment requires that you keep all your experiences in balance. Your happiness is derived from your knowing the secret of not going too far off center in all aspects of your life. You all have the opportunity of seeking the wisdom of the greatest Teacher and Guide you could possible have -- God our Father.

"This is Machiventa, and I leave you with these thoughts."

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