Hard-Rock Mining, Easily Gathered Seekers..


Illawarra District, Australia, September 28, 2003

Machiventa Melchizedek.

Received by George Barnard.

George: "It’s good to hear your name, Machiventa."

Machiventa: "My dear brother. My dear co-worker in this task we have undertaken in the Master’s name. It’s good to see you are regularly doing your meditation exercises, and it is good for me to once again have a chance to converse with you.

"Your ‘Spirit Guardian friends’ have regularly visited you in the months gone by, and especially Andrea has often been at your side, and has taken her watchcare of you much to heart."

George: "A true friend she is."

Machiventa: "I’m going to once again impress upon you that your reaching out to those who refuse to believe in my investiture as your Planetary Prince on this world, and in this period of the release of the (Urantia) Text, will not be productive of altering anyone’s opinion.

"And even less so will they for now be accepting of the arrival of our Magisterial Son (Monjoronson), and his placing his services at Michael’s disposal together with the many Teachers and Learned Ones that have arrived and are arriving still. Rather will those whose attention you seek, and who are not in the least open to Midwayer promptings or teachings, harden their resolve to denounce any good news other than the printed pages they can touch.

"Your time will be better occupied in conversing with those who are open. The hours that are taken out of your schedule in dealing with your ‘favorite hecklers’, who have barely done little more than to overcome their fears in picking up the Text, is truly an abject waste of time. They are mistaking their religionist outlook on life for it being of true spirituality.

"And, indeed, those among them that are your age, or perhaps older than you are, cannot or will not flex their faith muscles to begin to accept the words we put across. These doubtful prospects make you a hard-rock miner, relentlessly beating on an ore body from which little can be extracted, when so much placer gold can be found, and the golden nuggets are there for you to effortlessly gather by the dozens.

"Right under your eyes and within your reach are the thousands upon thousands that have long had some kind of casual, perhaps even a formal and open contact with your Midway Warrior Friends, and that, necessarily, is where in potential your most rewarding interests must lie.

"Each and every one of these easily-gathered seekers your group can bring under Michael’s wing, is a soul enriched by its steady pattern of future growth, while bearing in mind the sensitivity of the avant garde receiver-transmitter - it can do her or him no good to be slighted by those who will only return their comments with the standard answers of veiled and overt scorn that nothing foreseeable will change.

"It is with your fullest focus on being spirit led that you will find yourself working as efficiently as you humanly can, without growing tired, without becoming stressed, without feeling disappointment, but instead charting an ever-rising graph of the numbers who will be attracted by the group’s endeavors, and who will in turn find better goals in their lives.

"This is Machiventa. I send my love to all, and wish you G’day."

Feedback Machiventa’s - "Hard Rock Mining."

[1] Hi Bro, This message from Machiventa rings a bell, loud and clear, and not just for you - J.

[2] This was good, George.

If it is true that "The harvest is great," it would behoove us to go to where the harvest is fresh and ready ... not (to) the old dried up corn stalks of yesteryear. I understand that you/we/I would hope for support from what we would imagine to be our own kind, but evidently, we are NOT altogether like-minded and, that being the case, C'iest l'vive! (or however that is spelled) - G

It’s "C’est la vie, ma chère." And before you say it, you blow a little air through closed lips, making a "pfut!" sound. Try it. "Pfut! C’est la vie."

[3] Man! Did that message from Machiventa arrive in time to wake me up! Never too old to learn, tho. - D.

[4] So many times, I, too, have tirelessly beaten my head against ‘brick headed walls.’ The incredible time I have wasted over the years trying to change the minds of those who are simply too blind too see. I needed that message from dear Machiventa today. I need to be reminded constantly to say NO TO NONSENSE, especially that which "seems" to be so-o-o spiritual. - J.

[5] Brilliantly put, Machiventa/George. I have endlessly wasted my time with old, closed minds, and ignored the young ones reaching out for real answers…. No more hard rock mining with all that gold in them hills. ;-) Thank you.

Wow! And I thought I was the only slow learner on Urantia - George. Hah!

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