They Are His Children, Too.


Idaho, US of A, October 28, 2003

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: "We are pleased to visit with you this evening. We have stood back as your teachers during these weeks past, but of course not as your friends.

"We have watched out for you, continually, while you have been going through these troubled times, and we have noted your very human emotions of not wanting your family to be in pain.

"And a good mother you are in wanting to protect your children from harm. Understandably, they are close to your heart, but they are also far from you in a foreign land, and I would like for you to, please, remember that these are not just your children, but together with you, they are God’s children, too.

"He is a personal God, and He loves and protects your children, as He, from the moment of your first breath has loved and protected you.

"To be given the opportunity to apply yourself to the task of parenthood in every sense of its true meaning is the greatest gift in the Universes. Your heavenly Father, by Him entrusting you to care for His children during their sojourn on Earth, is seen to hold you in the highest esteem.

"To become a caregiver, a provider, a teacher to one or more offspring is an honor indeed, for the vast majority of His angelic creatures can only be seen as surrogate parents, perhaps, and at various times in their universe careers.

"Take the gifts Father blesses you with, and savor all the precious moments as they occur. Life on Earth is a tremendous opportunity in itself, when you accept the challenges that need to be faced, and the lessons as they present themselves.

"The time for happiness is right now! If you wait for the very moment when everything is going your way, and you have nothing more to worry about, the time for happiness may actually never come.

"I hope my lighthearted message brings you comfort. This is Machiventa."

Sandy: "Thank you, Machiventa."

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