Material and Spiritual Poverty.


Idaho, US of A, January 20, 2004

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: "Hello my dear friend and student. This is Machiventa who has been making your ears ring for the last hour. I am glad you are finally paying attention to my prompts. I have a timely message on this cold night in January where you live.

"However, please let us talk about all our Master’s subjects in the world, and let us discuss all their needs and wants. It is with great sorrow that I observe the many children, who are not receiving their very basic needs. And it may be difficult for you to imagine that there are many that are unable to even get a drink of clean, fresh water every day.

"Consider their having to ration both food and water, and to save just a tiny bit of leftovers in case they cannot find enough nourishment during the following day. There are millions whose basic needs are seldom met from day to day. And indeed, not a great deal of progress will come about on our planet until such time as we witness a more equal and just distribution of the prime necessities of life.

"And then there are many people who have wants to the point of their never being satisfied. They strive to gain more and more material wealth, thinking they will be happy when they "get it all."Here we witness a disheartening spiritual poverty.

"Many mortals go through their entire life to never acknowledge God the Father. In fact, some do not have the chance to hear that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them. They live a life of not knowing they will be lifted into the Father’s arms when their earthly trials are over.

"To live without hope or faith represents the greatest hardship many people have to go through.Those of you, who know that no matter how you have to live you will enter into the Kingdom when you retire from this brief terrestrial existence, are the fortunate ones by far.

It is a much richer life when the doing of God’s will is your sole purpose in life. Contemplate your "needs" and "wants" and know the difference as you serve the Eternal Father and your Brother/Father Michael. Reflect on these words and determine where, when, and how you can help in these times of enormous changes.

"I take my leave. This is Machiventa."

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