Idaho, US of A, August 10, 2002.

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: “Hello, Sandy. This is Machiventa.”

Sandy: “And a good morning to you, Machiventa. I am happy to be in your company.”

Machiventa: “Today I would like to talk about kindness. Offer kindness to your brothers and sisters and the benefits of your thoughtfulness will flow back to you, and into your very being.

“Offer people peace and tranquility, and let kindness be your priority when you are in contact with others. In order to give this important consideration to others, you must first of all feel this within yourself, and feel it for yourself.

“Be kind to yourself and allow yourself the courage to accept, and feel, the kindness the Father always feels towards you. Let the Father hold you in His Embrace for you to feel His Peace and Tranquility and the Kindness of His Heart. Let these gifts flow through you, and onto whomever you meet up with today.

“To love another is to give of yourself. And this kindness is one of the most precious gifts you can pass on; your being kind to and thoughtful of others. This can come quite naturally, and with no great effort on your part.

“All of you already have within you the ability to make others feel a little better as they go about their day. Think not of anger, or of the many problems you might be experiencing, but allow peace of mind to touch you whilst you appreciate this Gift from the Father.

“I will leave you with these thoughts this morning, and I send you my love.

“I am Machiventa.”

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