A Space Journey.


Toormina, New South Wales, Australia.

The Celestial Technician, Isaac, works on the circuits. There are circuits crisscrossing the universes. Some of these link Urantia with Jerusem, Havona, even Paradise. But much of Isaac’s work now deals with the linking up of Urantia with her sister planets. Among these are a few which do not yet have suitable conditions for life of any kind.

Andrea is a Primary Midwayer belonging to the 9881 loyal Primary Midwayers who remained on Urantia. “She/he” is the Androgynous Communications expert belonging to the Australian 11.11 Progress Platoon. Andrea is also Sandy’s new friend.

Isaac: “As you can see, it is I, your friend, Isaac. Hello to you! I have a trip planned for us today. Should I ask if that is OK with you?”

Sandy: “Yes, Isaac, I have no idea what we are going to do. I guess you will even surprise yourself, huh? Not just me.”

Isaac: “Yes. Let us get out of this room.

Sandy: “I am at the ceiling level. I always have difficulties getting out of the room. [Pause] There, I'm OK now.

Isaac: “OK take my hand. First let’s go through to the US, and look in on your sick friend. This will only take a minute.”

Sandy: “Yes, I do see my friend now, and she is just fine. She is sitting in her chair and she is trying to read her magazine, but she is saying it is time to go to bed. Maybe she’s just thinking that, and I’m not really hearing her say that. But there is no problem now with her health. She is all better.”

Isaac: “I'm ready to go on. OK let's go back just a little way, and now we will start going up. We are not just traversing space, but also transcending time. We are going to stop in what is known as the Half-way Realm of time, where your new friend Andrea is waiting for us. She will greet us at this “place of spirits”. She has an excellent command of the English language.”


“As you can see, the Primary Midwayer, Andrea, is here to greet us.”

Andrea: “Hello Isaac. Hello Sandy. We have much to talk about today. As you have heard, I am certain, I am supposed to be an electric being. But I would neither call the Power of the Light “electricity”, nor would I call myself an electric creature. I am more of ‘a conduit’, ‘a medium’, or ‘a channel of communications’. And this is the reason why Isaac and I have got to know each other so well.

“Isaac tells me that his job would be impossible if (in fact) he could not count on our assistance (Midwayer assistance). We are essential in the entire communication process in that we give precise direction to the communiqués. If we were not to give direction to the communiqués, the information could dissipate in any, and in all, directions.

“He is an absolute authority on the ways in which this energy hooks onto (into) one planet, and from that planet to the next. The (army of) Midwayers are Isaac’s workers, and I want to explain that I function here as his second in command. These many, many Midwayers, as well as the mortals on Urantia, hook into these energy lines.

Isaac: “In ‘Half-way Realm mode’ you can easily see that this is the headquarters for that unbelievably intricate circuitry and I assure you it was very difficult, even for us, to figure out how to get Urantia and several other planets hooked up in series with the use of high speed projection.

“To make a comparison: On Urantia, if you could perceive these energy beams, they would look much like “shooting stars”, falling meteorites, as they seem to be thrust into your atmosphere like a flame, but with them having to land on precise spots -- just where we need them -- and on each occasion at that precise place. Only in this way, our job of re-encircuiting this corner of the universe stays on schedule.

Andrea: “I would like for you to come and visit me often as I have chosen you as a corresponding director, a counterpart, and also because you understand the communication of mortals on Urantia much better than I do. And we will be regular friends as we, in fact, already are. I will be checking in with you during each day. Be aware of my presence and we will further our friendship. Adieu.”

Sandy: “Isaac is telling us it is time to say goodbye to Andrea. “Until next time, Andrea.”

Isaac: “We will be leaving now, and we will be going over to the space project, where the circuits are still in place as before. Well… much more has been added on.

Sandy: “Here, again, I see the brightness of the messages and energy coming into this module (transformer), and the messages shooting (beaming) towards Urantia. Isaac is going to explain a little more about these things. I am looking at these transformers now. They are actually, and relatively, quite small, but there are very many of them. They are maybe about 10 foot cubed, and Isaac is telling me the circuits within these transformers are so minute, they would be impossible to see with the human eye.

Isaac: “These machines are so far advanced in the technology of transferring and strengthening the Celestials’ messages from space into the planetary system, much care needs to be afforded them. And, indeed, the Midwayers do need to watch closely, and make very sure the attached power generators are running smoothly and quietly. And what a gigantic job it is to transfer this energy not only to Urantia, but also to other planets that are coming into the Light now – out of the darkness they have known for so long.

“As this light (life-giving, or life-supporting energy) is cast upon a dark planet, the seeding, and later emerging, of plant life is possible, if water, air, and the necessary components needed to support life (including that of animals and mortals) is also present on these planets.

“As we are preparing these new planets, we will keep in mind the increasingly crowded circumstances – the enormous population growth -- on our older planets of life. Many, many years from now, as these new planets are up and running, we will transport many souls (mortals) to the new planet. The Father is constantly adding to the total output of life force, and the miracle of a beginning of a new earth will happen again and again on these new planets. This is why we channel the life-supporting energy to them.

“Urantia is only a small planet, but the Urantia mortals think they are living on the great big planet earth. Will they ever be surprised when they finally understand that God creates at all times… goes on creating forever. One day it will become impossible to believe that the earth is anything but a tiny part of one of the many universes.

“Gods work is never done, and in time you will see that Urantia is only one minute piece of the time/space puzzle. Let us go back now. I hope you have enjoyed having but a glimpse of the interplanetary workings of Love and Light.”

Sandy: “We hesitate (pause) and look back upon a small part of Gods universes.”

Isaac: “Here you are. You’re back in your home now, and as always I say to you, ‘We will see each other again soon. Call for me if you like. Goodbye.’”

Notes: Sandy views her friend in North Idaho, in real time, and in full color.

The journey into the stratosphere and the transcending into the Half-way Realm time mode happens to the south-east of Idaho.

Calculating a precise trajectory between two moving and rotating planets, Isaac explains, is a near-impossible task.

The OBEs are spontaneous, unaided, and have nothing to do with the Delta TRing we will both be attempting later.

The “space project” is a space island beyond Urantia stratosphere.

There are two different “items” on this space island. They are Transformers and Generators. The Generators are hooked up to the Transformers, and supply the power for the light beams to be “amplified” by the latter. There are at least two types of “light” involved – that which constitutes communications, and that which provides life-supporting energy.

Isaac is involved in getting ready for a ‘way-down-the-line’ exercise of mass transportation of mortals to new, or safe planets. He speaks about overpopulation, not the phasing out of a world belonging to a dying star.

One might presume that there is little the Life Carriers can do on a “fresh off the shelf” planet, at least until Celestial Technicians, like Isaac, have done their work of encircuitment. It explains the longstanding friendship between the light-hearted Isaac, and the more serious Orion.

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