A Requested Healing.


USA June 13, 2001.

Received by a student

The following out of body visual/audible report of a meeting with Celestials and healing by a Midwayer was posted to 11.11 Publishers Pty Limited of Toormina, Australia. The report comes from one of George Barnard’s American Akashic Construct students. The student reports being in a deep trance during this contact lasting approximately 40 minutes. The original TRing tape and accompanying transcript of same are of recent date.

The 11.11 Progress Platoon’s Midwayers ‘are in accord’ about the veracity of this report. We are told, “It is accurate.”

Time out with a Melchizedek, Urantia Life Carrier, and Midwayer/Physician.

Melchizedek: “Hello. We meet up again.

“It is at this time (second session, and in this relaxed state of mind) that you can remember your trip with the Life Carrier. He enjoyed your company very much. You will keep these images in your mind and they will help you in your struggle. I believe this process (of caring for the physical body) will show you that the Midwayer/Physician can, at one time, take away just a part of each of the problems from within your body – those problems that are not entirely physical. He will also be taking away part of your fear of Celestials.

“You barely realize how much fear (of Celestials) you hold. You are also stuck with the idea that you must do things only for others, and not for yourself. Hold onto the recollection of your time with the Life Carrier (the first OBE), and let the time dance around in your memory. I have now requested for the Life Carrier to come back in, and we will do a follow up. This will be different to what it was a short time ago. Do not worry. You will be able to remember your first trip, and our first blessing.

“We, too, are blessed having you close to us and having you believe in us. I will go for a while now, but I will be standing by with the Midwayer.”

The Life Carrier: “Hello, my student. Do not feel bad (about the misfortune with the audio tape). Let us get back to the playful mood we were in. The Midwayer is standing here with the (your) physical body -- a body that you feel has been your tomb -- and that just needs a few adjustments.

“You will be able to look back down at what the Midwayer is doing. But let us go back to our playground now. Come with me into the beautiful blue sky above your town. You have left your illness, your sickness, your aches and pains, and your prior mental conditioning with the Midwayer. And later, he will show us the adjustments that he will have made.

“We are flying like… just like the eagles. You are the eagle. You are high, high in the air. You can see for many miles. Open your wings, and just drift, just float, just feel the freedom, the lightness, the joy. Think only of the now, and the way we can soar, and drift, and plunge towards the earth, and pull out of that plunge, and climb back into the sky, and to a place where you can ‘see eternity’. You can ‘see forever’. Feel the warmth of the sunshine. It becomes a part of you, and it is so beautiful.

“We are so happy. I say we -- the angels, and you, and I -- are so happy that you are among us. You can fly and play just as well as we can. There is not the heaviness of your body. Your body is as light, and as strong as the young eagle. There is laughter, there is singing, and there is joy. It feels so good to have you among us. Yes, come and “sit on this cloud with me” and let’s talk about this… Let us dangle our feet over the side of the cloud and look down. Look down, at the Midwayer. He is (re) making a part of your mind that has been so very much conditioned to think negatively -- the part of your mind that feels the pain of your sicknesses, the pain of arthritis, the pain of emotional upsets.

“He will take only a little bit of this pain today, and he is putting it into a package. (The pain is now in the package.) He is handing that package to the Melchizedek. There is one more thing that he is sure of wanting to do today. This will be another package. He is taking away the fear -- “the holding back of your mind” that is not quite comfortable with the Celestials, and with the Midwayers.

“You will know the joy and the freedom of being among us and with us. And later you will be able to find a quiet place, the freedom to fly with the eagle. Stretch open your wide wings, feel the feathers of your wings moving for you to glide to the very spot where you are aiming to go.

I am finished and will take you back and leave you with the Midwayer, who is now handing to the Melchizedek the package that holds the fear.

Student: “I am here with the Midwayer and the Melchizedek. The Midwayer is leaving. I am here with the Melchizedek now -- my precious, precious friend, my Brother, Melchizedek. He is taking the two packages the Midwayer has handed to him. He is turning and walking away. I am alone. I have gone back into my body. I must try to wake up, and to feel my arms and my legs, and to hear the traffic in the street.”

The student does not want to be identified, and neither are the Celestials here named or even known. The first attempt at recording the OBE on that day “suffered” from a tape recorder breakdown. This is the second successful attempt. It almost immediately followed the first effort.

It is our view the above experience anticipated a number of questions and requests posted to this office regarding healings. There appear to be limits to what Midwayer/Physicians can achieve. Either that, or there are limits to what they may be granted to perform in the way of “operations”.

We presume the contacts (Life Carrier, Midwayer, and Melchizedek Organizer) were used to familiarize the student with these particular Celestial and Urantian Personalities, and for the likely purpose of further work dealing with genetics and medicine, but we don’t really know.

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