A Face-to-Face Meeting.


Toormina, New South Wales, Australia.

The Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, and our Local Universe Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon.

TR: Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: “This is your friend and co-worker, Machiventa. I think it would be a good idea to go back into the special out-of-body mode to visit with Michael. You will recall we have already done this before, and thus (because of the previous exercise) we can stay a little longer today, and talk with Michael. Are you ready now?”

Sandy: “Yes, I can move through the ceiling and out into the sunshine. I am ready now.”

Machiventa: “On with the flight. Feel the comfort of the helper (probably a Midwayer), and yes; I know it feels a little uncomfortable without my being as near to you as I was before. We are going on a journey that will take somewhat longer than previously. As we go, be aware of the near-vacuum that now surrounds you.”

[Pause in transmission.]

Machiventa: “Yes, you have noticed, we are slowing down now, and we are going back to the very same valley where we have visited before. Let us stop here, and get our feet onto the ground.”

Sandy explains: “We have stopped here. I have seen this place a few times before. I already know that we will see Michael approaching us. We are walking down a pathway. We are in a meadow. There is grass, and there are flowers all around. And there is a little stream. . This is a very pleasant scene (place).

“Now I see Michael coming toward us. I would prefer to stand aside and watch the obvious expression of friendship and respect between these two awesome, wonderful friends. It looks as if Michael and Machiventa are drawn together somewhat like (I would imagine) two young children who haven't seen each other for a while. I don't see them as being business-like, or as if they were carrying any great problems with them at this meeting. I almost feel out of place and as if I would be intruding if I were to go up to them and entered into a conversation with them.

“Machiventa is asking me now to join them. I feel a tremendous energy, a “pureness”, coming from Michael. There is now a feeling of my being allowed to be carefree in His presence, and I will walk with them. But I’m feeling very small, only human, and unimportant, and yet I know that I must leave those feelings behind and enjoy being with these two great Celestials. Who would have thought…? This would have been beyond my imagination, but I will put my feelings aside and try to enjoy the moment at hand.

“In the conversation -- Michael is talking now.”

Michael: “Hello Daughter. I am glad you came with Machiventa today. And you must assure yourself that we are not having a business meeting here. Here and now we are enjoying a time of beauty, of relishing God’s creations, my creations, Machiventa’s creations, and, certainly, yours also.

“We are creating a time of friendship, a moment of beauty, and a while of warmth. When you leave, take these creations with you and remember these experiences on every day of your life. Think of, and remember, all the beauty that surrounds you -- all the love that surrounds you -- in your daily journeys.

“I am pleased with the eagerness you show to be of assistance to our Father, and the many Celestials. Faith in the importance of their tasks is the essential ingredient, and you do have that Faith. Be lighthearted, and remember we are ever near you. Feel encouraged in the knowledge that we are in complete accord with your work, in agreement with your methods, and those of George Barnard. Do not doubt your writings. Feel proud about your being so very much in tune with us all, and that together we bring forth the messages (that) we want to get across to the people who will listen.

“Your works performed with us, and for us, are outstanding. You both will play your part in the future, indeed, as you do in the now. We appreciate the fact that you are here for us and that you let us talk freely, and assist you with the writing. And, do believe in the accuracy of the forthcoming transmissions, because they truly do come from an abode on High of great intelligence and unquestioned, supreme allegiance.

“You, both, are under our watchcare and we know you are applying yourselves in your lives to the same important, precious cause, as does Machiventa, (and) as do I. Understand that what you give your best to accomplish are indeed our intended tasks for you.

“We are proud of the fact that you, and George, walk with us, think of us during your day, and try to be a part of the healing of Urantia (that is) so much in need of healing. Our planet is in such great difficulties. However, we will not speak of these today.

“I will leave you with the thought that in speaking for Machiventa and your Creator Father/Brother you have more than earned the love and appreciation we feel for you both.

“I advise for you to carry on precisely as you have been, and for you to realize that your time is not wasted, and that you are indeed speaking with my voice. I appreciate your living and trusting the great love you have for each other. Mother Spirit embraces you both, my children. No greater love is known than Her love for all those who spread my word by their action.

Sandy notes: “Machiventa has had nothing to say on this walk. Oh. Now he says it is time to go home.

“I look at Christ Michael in front of me, and the pureness of the energy surrounding Him. I can think of nothing to say to Him. But as we turn to go, it is hard for me to leave Him.

“Machiventa is going back with me. And we are moving very, very fast. Machiventa is pleased. He smiles at me. I am home. He turns and walks away.”

Notes: There was a noticeable difference in the speed of the TRing. It was slow -- all of it -- except for that which Michael contributed. Michael’s (484 words approx.) segment came rather faster than the rest. We have no explanation for this, but there being a different conduit (a more experienced Midwayer) could be the likely cause.

There is a mid nineties record of a mortal surviving a momentary (a split-second) healing touch on the forehead by Michael of Nebadon. It was a most awesome experience, and should probably be classed as “unsurvivable” had it lasted more than a split second. For the “embryo soul” to be so near the Creator appears not to represent such danger.

It is no more “strange, surprising, or outlandish”, for us to see Celestials than what it is to hear them. We are only at the very beginning of learning how many of us can develop the ability (through visualization) to see our Teachers. Likely the number of “Visual TRs” will match the number of “Audible TRs”. And among these there will be those who will both see, and hear.

For those of you, who have learned about the Akashic Construct, keep practicing. It had to happen sooner or later that a TeaM member would come face to face with the Creator.

God bless you and yours… George Barnard.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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