An Unexpected Dispensation.


Toormina, Australia,July 31, 2001.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Isaac: “Hello George and Sandy. This is Isaac.”

George: “Our greetings to you, Isaac.”

Isaac: “We have been in a mode of hard work of late, and now we need a vacation. I have been working so very hard on the circuitry, pulling another planet in deep space into the light. I would like to be with you for the next few days and I would appreciate your help in my having a holiday. Machiventa is shaking his head, ‘Yes’. Do you want to have an OBE with me today?”

Sandy: “Yes I would, Isaac.”

Isaac: “Ok let’s go.”

Sandy: “I am ready.”

[Long pause.]

Sandy: “Isaac and I have traveled a long way, already, and I am not getting a lot of feel for where we are or what we are going to do. Isaac turns his head toward me and tells me it will be a surprise.”

[Another long pause.]

Sandy: “We are slowing down, and I can actually see people who have died. I’m having some trouble here establishing visual contact. That’s better.

“The first person I see is my dad. And he is walking toward me, and I am holding back because I feel very little joy in seeing him. He is standing in front of me and his eyes are searching to find a glimmer of hope that I will love him. We are just standing face to face, and he is telling me that he needs to make apologies to me before he can feel like he can move on.

“I am not getting it. I don’t know what he is saying to me. He is stepping back and I am smiling at him, and he, in turn, is smiling. There are only two people left here and I know that these two people are George’s mother and father.

“She opens her arms to love her child and I see – I’m having trouble believing what I’m seeing, and even what I’m saying here -- I see that George is here with me!

“His mother is talking to him.”

Anne Barnard: “I knew you could do this. How I have loved you from the very day of your birth. I knew that you would have more than your share of troubling times, but you have built yourself a wonderful life.

“I just want to tell you that I am so very, very proud of you for taking the road that is so hard, and that has built such strength in you. You could have been a lot less troubled if you had just not cared so much. I am so very, very proud of you.”

Sandy: “George’s Father is here, and he wants to talk, too.”

Theodore Barnard: “I waited a long time to become like this, but now I can be as gentle and loving as your mother, because I do not have the responsibility of having to make you strong. I feel that a father’s job is to make sure all his boys are able to manage very well on Urantia, and learn how to plow through the obstacles that sharpen their minds.

“Now I can see that I do not have to quote, ‘Make a man out of yourself who can withstand the many trials of a superhuman existence, that I already knew you had chosen for yourself.’ From the time you were four years old, you had the ability to converse with unknown, and unbelievable Comrades.

“And I knew that your life would be so very difficult. But now I can, together with your mother, have the confidence in that you will be happy. It has all turned out for the best, and we both care for you, and we certainly will see you in the future. We both love you and we say Goodbye.”

Sandy: “Oh, now I see my friend Isaac, and we can return to Urantia.”

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