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“House Calls with Doctor Mendoza (MNO-8)” ......our Midwayer Healer.

Many of my posts are signed: “Sous la Sauvegarde de Michael, tout est possible.” It means that when we place ourselves under the watchcare of Michael, all things are possible. There are few limitations to our potential achievements in this universe, and those who early comprehend that we simply “are each other at our Spiritual Root Source” soon find themselves with their mouths hanging open in wonderment at events that take place.

Out of body experiences are among these wondrous happenings.

The Human Soul.

It is a long ago proven fact that the Human Embryo Soul is a reality. Upon death, there is an instantaneous, approximate 1-ounce, loss of body weight. This is the embryo soul – hardly a greatly learned entity – taken away from it’s earthly vessel, headed for better worlds, and leaving but a material shell behind. But you need not be dead for your soul to be elsewhere. It can be anywhere at all, looking around, perceiving, encountering new things… and, yes, healing others at a distance.

But this embryo soul entity is powerful beyond belief.

“You Still Have No Soul!”

She was a drama teacher, musician, painter, songwriter, and her name was Allessandra. I met her some four years ago in a friend’s place and at a birthday party. After a few glasses of champagne, she loosened up for what everyone appeared to be waiting for. She began to predict everyone’s future, as well as reach into his/her past. This was a very psychic lady, well known to most people at that gathering.

She was a TR, and she didn’t know it.

When it came to my turn for Allessandra to “give me the once over”, she had little to say. She seemed confused at first, then remarked: “You healed very many people of their mental ills. Their physical ills, too. But, George, you still have no soul!”

For a moment she had nothing more to say. She was holding my hands. “These are healing hands,” she told me. “But there is no soul. I saw this once before.”

“It’s out on loan,” I told her. “I loaned it out to a bunch of Spirit Buddies.”

She nodded. “Yes. Tell me more.

“It’s been on the loose since I was 3 feet at a pinch, Kiddo,” I told her.

The Most Rewarding Tasks.

There was little time for me to “play the therapist”. There was a production plant that needed my time, a family, professional associations, a Rotary Organization. Patients were screened with care, and if there wasn’t a major problem to sink my teeth into, they were referred to a full-time practicing colleague. The Midwayers brought all the “heavy” cases, and enough of their “disasters” was quite enough.

However, the most rewarding tasks I always took on regardless were the painless childbirth cases. With a therapy almost entirely focused on visualization, I trained the expectant mothers to reach up, move out of that hardworking body when the time came, and watch the birth of their baby from up at the ceiling.

And they did. It’s ever so natural.

The Midwayer Doctor.

It would take me some years to realize it was not always the Midway Warrior, ABC-22, who snatched up my embryo soul and took it all over Urantia and beyond. The good Doctor was not after fame, or notoriety of any kind. Unassuming by nature, he stayed in the background. In fact, he long remained unseen, right behind me, but he lent his extraordinary energy to my healing work as I intuitively sensed how to go about each task – from France to Bavaria, from India to the US -- arriving at the speed of thought, correcting the human energy patterns in just minutes, and finding myself back in my home, or clinic, in a flash.

It is for those TRs who are also potential healers that the visualization methods, and stillness practice are so important. You need to see what you are doing when you “remote heal” another. This is also a part of Machiventa’s “Project Outreach” – “The Organizing” across the Urantia globe.

You, the visual/audible TRs are a most valued, and essential aspect of “The Correcting Time” -- Phase Two. You are “Progress”.

The average of the 873 Midwayer Returnees is physiologically closer to us than is the average of the 1,111. We have a large number of capable “Drs. Mendoza” amongst their ranks, waiting for their chances to, together with you, help Michael…

…if only we could come to terms with the extraordinary “power to heal” of our human embryo souls… and simply ask Him for a Midwayer Partner to go about His work.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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