What Of Those Who Depart Early.


Osburn, Idaho, US of A, November 11, 2001.

On a Mansion World with Bzutu.

Received by Sandy Montee

Midwayer Chief, ABC-22: "This is Bzutu.

"I consider you two to be my brother and sister, and I assure you, you are truly helping Michael do His work. Today we will go out into the universe for a lesson. You will be able to both see and hear.

"Are you ready to go, Sandy?"

Sandy (reporting): "I notice only silence. I'm going with Bzutu, and I have the feeling of us moving very fast, however I feel warm and secure. We are coming upon another world -- another planet. This is a Mansion World.

"My vision and hearing are becoming sharper now. Bzutu and I are both here, and we are surrounded by a group of beings, numbering about twenty-five. These beings are talking with Bzutu, and he will need to pass on their messages to me, so that I can talk about what is happening here.

"These beings, whom I would suspect to be former mortals, have come upon this grassy meadow, and they are seated around us now in a half circle. Bzutu is telling them that I am a mortal from planet Earth. A spokesman here is standing, and he is going to talk."

The Spokesman: "We, here on this planet, are the spirits of those who have visited Urantia for only a limited part of a normal life span. We came to Urantia in order to gain knowledge, but this was not to be.

"We did not die in vain, although many of us have been taken away from Urantia with only a small amount of actual living experience. Circumstances robbed us of our evolutionary life, as we wished to progress by our experiencing mortal life to the point of maturity, wisdom and spirituality.

"Now that we are here, each of us has a task laid out before him or her. We are amongst those who help 'pump' positive spiritual energy onto Urantia.

"As a result of the new circuitry, from which we are also benefiting, many on Urantia can now receive this divine energy-giving spiritual light. For us, here, this is a way of making up for what we missed out on on Urantia. It is now our way of being of service, and progressing with our lives."

Sandy: "Bzutu is going to say something here.

Bzutu: "We must leave as we have far to travel on our journey to put your soul back into your body down on earth. (Jokingly imitating Machiventa's earlier remarks) "Where there is darkness, let there be light."

Sandy: "We are back home now. We traveled very fast."

Bzutu: "I want to spend a few minutes with George while I'm here. Goodbye, Sandy. Hello Brother."

Notes: The Seraph, Juliette (during the mid to late seventies): "If only you knew what it is you have! There would not be many created Celestial Entities who would not gladly change places with you, and live a mortal life on your planet."

Barnard (critical of the comment at a most trying time in his life): "Do you then feel hunger, pain, thirst, Juliette? More to the point right now, would your created celestial friends desert you when you need them most?"

Juliette (insisting): "They would gladly change places with you."

Barnard met up with Juliette in the Australian summer of 1971/1972. She had no name, only a number as long as your arm with lots of ones, fours and sevens. He gave her the French name, Juliette, because she had a brilliant command of the French language. As well, she had "looked after" a French female, who had chosen "not to go on with life" on Urantia.

After this OBE of 11/11/2001, we can only presume that those, whose lives are cut short on Urantia, feel the same way. Something is missing in their existence, but at their Spiritual Root Source, they remain "one" with us. The 25 odd (distinctly Urantian) mortals whom Sandy met on the Mansion Worlds, were of service to their mortal relatives in some way not clearly understood by us. But, then, neither do we understand the function of the Seraphim all that well.

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