A Triggered OBE And Healing For Two.


Idaho, US of A, December 3, 2001.

Mother Spirit's Embrace.

Received by Sandy Montee

George: "…reach out to your Celestial Friends. That's good. That's fine. You are now
on your own. You… are the Eagle."

Sandy (reporting): "I am on a planet with warm wonderful water all around on this island. I have been invited to come to this planet where Michael meets with the Father in one of his favorite places, which I would call a pleasant scene in nature. I have been on a healing trip where I felt a healing of my mind and therewith a charge of positive energy within the mind that has been troubled -- the mind that I have tried to control in my life's journey. I feel a Presence, but I cannot see any Celestial yet.

"I am standing on a beach, and I invite my friend to walk beside me. She is with me, and we are standing on this beach side by side, looking out over the ocean. A wave is coming in, and it is the color of the brightest blue. It is alive, and we are laughing about it being large enough to wash over us and swamp us both.

"The water is getting deeper and deeper. This wave of warm, warm water of the bluest color is washing all over us. As we stand here, the water is receding and with it go the health problems, the pain, and the anxiety. It all goes away with the water and our residual health issues go with it.

"These have all been taken from us, and we are very happy. We are laughing and jumping up and down and we both feel so well. We begin to run in the soft sand and the wind is blowing against us, as we are so joyous and we feel the 'freedom of good health'.

"Mother Spirit is here and we see her as a beautiful Woman. She has on a white chiffon dress that freely blows about Her in the breeze. She has gray hair that is the color of silver, but mainly I see into Her eyes. They are the bluest of blues and have a softness about them. She holds Her arms out and we go into Her loving embrace.

"And just as suddenly as She appeared She is gone.

"We slowly walk back, and we fly high into the sky and drift along. We have left behind all our troubles, and worries, illness and pain. And we are free spirits. It is time for us to go back to the reality of life on Urantia. Somehow we both know the days ahead will be a time of letting go. Whenever we begin to be bogged down with the burdens of life, we will remember this trip we took today, and what we saw and experienced. Imagine the warm water washing over us again, and taking all of our doubts and worries with it.

"My friend and I part company at this point, and we each go back to our homes."

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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