The Crystal City of Stillness and Worship.


Idaho, US of A, January 2, 2002.

Machiventa Talks.

Sandy Montee

Machiventa: "Hello. This is Machiventa. I greet you today.

"I have been with you in the quiet and stillness of your mind, unnoticed by you, and for some time now.

"Only by reaching out to Him in your meditation do you find Our Father. This is the most important aspect of your bridging of the vast gap that is created by your physical and spiritual duality -- to put away for a time the background noise, the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the obstacles that come your way. These many hurdles and restraints, regularly placed in your path, are simple, elementary lessons.

"Come with me now, and we will once more return to that special place of quietness. We will travel far from Urantia and leave behind the mundane and earthly happenings."

Sandy (reporting): "I am very, very relaxed this morning, and I can hardly hear a sound. Even Machiventa's voice appears to be so very soft and gentle. I am experiencing traveling to the universe of… I just don't know for certain where we are going, but I'm not afraid at all.

"Machiventa and I are traveling towards a stream of air -- a "transport channel" -- that is such a beautiful blue.

"We are coming onto a planet. I have been here before. We have stopped and we are going no further, but we are looking down upon this city of perfect crystal. There is a heart-warming perception of tranquillity and of complete stillness and worship.

"To simply be here is to gain an understanding of this spiritual Mecca of the unbelievable beauty, goodness and truth this place contains. To stop and relax and go into that stillness where it seems you are quite alone, and, at the same time, you can feel the energy, worship and prayer of the inhabitants of this crystal city.

"This is a short moment in time when I feel a sense of spiritual perfection in me. This is the ideal place of stillness. And on the other side of the coin there remains the hustle and bustle of our beloved planet, Urantia. Yes. We are very much dual-natured beings."

Machiventa: "Let us go now. As soon as we arrive on Urantia, it would be beneficial for you to remember these feelings of stillness and carry them with you throughout the day. Hold onto the spiritual happenings you have witnessed, and, yet, be aware of your earthly surroundings.

"You can all find many chances to quieten your minds of your scattered thoughts, and when Michael wants you to listen to Him for you to carry His messages of the Father's love to others. Understand that you are spiritual beings also, and that life on Urantia is but a brief chapter in your eternal careers. Many more chapters will be written after your journeys reach into the next plane of existence.

"Hold onto to thy God with all thy might. Work toward the perfection of self, such as Michael showed to practice in his life on planet Earth. Michael was aware of His Father's love, and He communicated with the Father several times each day. You, too, can "check in" with thy God to ask only for the power to carry out His Will.

"'God's will being done' is the most powerful project being carried out in the Super Universes and on Paradise. Allow yourselves to stand aside from the mundane and troublesome, and at the same time we will petition the Father to allow us to use you as our tools, therewith achieving the profoundest of your spiritual awakenings.

"I will end my instructions at this time, and send my love to you all.

"I am Machiventa."

Notes: I could see many ornamental buildings of crystal, some with the most magnificent spires, and yet I could also perceive what was inside these buildings. In one building many persons had gathered in worship. They were all listening to our Father, directly, and learning from Him how His will is to be done… Sandy.

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