They Are The Parents Who Suffer The Most.


Idaho, US of A,March 25, 2002.

Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza.

Sandy Montee.

Dr. Mendoza: "We will be traveling to a place you and I have visited before. This trip is to the Children's Hospital in Seattle, Washington."

Sandy: "Yes, I have been here before, and I recognize the parking lot and hospital grounds. We are going inside now, and we are going to the third floor where there is a large lobby.

"I see some deeply concerned adults who are watching their children at play. The adults are talking among themselves about what it is that ails their children."

Dr. Mendoza: "Mother Spirit is here, and we will work together with Her for a few minutes. As you can see the children are running, laughing and playing. There are a couple children putting coins in a candy machine. The children are eager for the candy and it is understood they can eat this without becoming sick."

Sandy: "We are both looking at a child of about six years of age, pulling a smaller child in a toy wagon. Children are running up and down the hall and there is lots of noise of these children at play. They seem to be so very much at home here. You would think they are not sick at all, but they are.

"Some children are dragging bath towels, and they are in their swim suits, ready to jump into the large indoor swimmingpool. The fact of the matter is that they are quite rowdy and they are having lots of fun.

"The signs of sickness, such as their hair having fallen out, their bodies being so thin, their faces being so drawn, and their eyes have dark circles around them belies their liveliness.

"We are looking into the eyes of a little girl no more than three years old, and we can see that glorious sparkle of life.

"Now we are looking into another room where anxious parents are bending over their child’s bed, "holding on", and praying that God will have mercy upon the soul of their precious one. They are asking God to see their child is taken care of if the child slips away and is delivered into the Father's arms. This child is sleeping and she is very weak.

"Mother Spirit is giving the child a kiss on the forehead and She is embracing both of the parents and comforting them."

Dr. Mendoza: "We will go into a room where some doctors are diagnosing a single case and discussing the best ways of treating this special child of God. The child has a very rare disease and the prognosis for recovery is excellent. The proposed treatment will have great results in this instance. But they are the parents who always suffer the most."

Sandy: "Dr. Mendoza is putting his hand on the forehead of this child and is saying that the child will definitely heal. Mother Spirit is embracing these doctors and is giving them strength to carry on with their important work."

Dr. Mendoza: "We will go back into the lobby and I will give each of the children a treatment and we will also go into every one of the private rooms. Mother Spirit is going to touch and give comfort to all the parents and relatives who are talking among themselves. She is going to embrace these parents one by one. This will give them strength, peace and comfort in accepting their children’s illnesses."

(A lengthy interruption to Sandy's reporting.)

Sandy: "Mother Spirit and Dr. Mendoza have done their rounds and they both are now ready to leave. There are many, many Midwayers, Angels, and Celestials who roam the halls of this hospital and the children know that, life or death, somehow it will be OK. They are never too young to learn about Michael, and they take in all they are told."

Dr. Mendoza: "I will take you back home, Sandy, and we will all look forward to seeing you again soon."

Sandy: "Goodbye my Friend. And thank you for allowing me to go with you today."

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