Midwayers at Work.


Illawarra District, Australia, December 8, 2002


Dr. Mendoza


Sandy Montee

Andrea: “Hello Sandy. I am here with you now. I have spoken with Sarah this morning, and we would like you to go on an out-of-body experience with us. We would like to show you some examples of a day in the lives of our hard-working Midwayers.

“We can watch several groups of Midwayers at work today, but I must tell you that they very quickly accomplish their missions, and then they leave us to go on with their next tasks. It will be too difficult for you to keep up with just one of them, as he or she goes about a busy day’s work, so I thought we would stop to visit when it is convenient for them.

“Let us begin. I will give you a few minutes to disengage from your body, and this time, as in times before, Dr. Mendoza will stay here with your body to make some adjustments. He would like to briefly talk with you.”

Dr. Mendoza: “Sandy, I know you are right to be somewhat concerned about your health, and I will make some adjustments whilst you are gone. I will visit you often, but for now I will stay behind for as long as you are gone with Sarah and Andrea.”

Andrea: “OK, we are ready to go. Let us propel ourselves somewhat beyond the greatest pull of gravity. Our first stop will be with Machiventa and a large number of Midwayers making plans for the day ahead.”

Sandy (reporting): “Somehow, strangely, we seem to still be suspended in the air and there are Midwayers here making up an audience, listening to Machiventa.”

Machiventa: “I would like to fill you in on the various tasks which I feel need to be accomplished today. I have called up 100 of you, to venture into the refugee camps of the Palestinians. There are many people there who have no shelter, because of the recent destruction and bombings in their camps.

(The pictures come on).

“Let us look for some of the children wandering among the rubble and devastation in the streets. Their parents cannot find food or water to take care of their children. Some of them have blankets wrapped around them, and they seem to be OK with their situation, trusting their mothers and fathers to be able to take care of them.

“They must have Midwayer help to procure water. We will find buckets, fill them with water, and leave them at their tents, and at various places in the streets. These will be our gifts, and they will have no idea of where it all came from.

“The life carriers are here already, working feverishly to decontaminate the water supply, so it will be safe. This is just one of many places in desperate need of the assistance of the Midwayers and others, who care about the welfare of God’s people.

“Another group of Midwayers will be spread out around the world, to help out in all kinds of matters with other people in dire straits. They show much love for their mortal brothers and sisters in what they do.”

Andrea: “Lets go now.”

Sandy (reporting): “We are coming to a large white hospital, and we are going inside. The Midwayers that are working here with the doctors and nurses are greeting us. There are male as well as female Midwayers, and some are leaning over the cribs of children, and some are rubbing their little backs. The nurses are doing their chores and Midwayers are quietly suggesting that a good job is being done. They are busy helping wherever they can, and no one has any idea they are being assisted.”

Andrea: “Daily, they see the miracles of patient care; patients getting well, and having their health back in much less time than would seem possible. Midwayers help the doctors make decisions, and the doctors often chalk it up to intuition, and to gut feelings, about why they know something should be tackled in a certain way. The medical professionals, indeed, have so much help, and they often realize that a person would die ‘if God didn’t intervene’.

“Midwayers stop many tragedies from happening, often people are eased from wrecks on the highways at the very last moment, or they unexpectedly make a soft landing in a bad fall, or they somehow stop bleeding after an accident. Many persons feel these actions are ‘divine intervention’, ‘a matter of faith’, or a matter of ‘just being lucky’. At times, Midwayers need to work non-stop, day and night, to help their human brothers and sisters.”

“They enjoy their work, and they are always most reliable in following Machiventa’s orders as to where they should be at a certain time. Their perception is such that they can frequently tell just what is wrong with a person, and they save countless lives from being lost. There has been many a time when a natural disaster occurs, with winds tearing down houses, towns being flooded, and so on. And people will claim it must have been a miracle that only a few people lost their lives, or that someone was watching over them, to spare their lives – a miracle – but we know that a Midwayer was there to help these folks.

Machiventa: “This has been a lengthy contact, and Sarah and Andrea need to go back to their activities. We will talk again soon.

“This is Machiventa.”

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