House Calls.


with Doctor Mendoza, our Midwayer Healer.

Toormina, New South Wales, Australia.

Like many overworked physicians, Emenohwate the Healer, Dr. Mendoza, or simply MNO-8, is at his task for very long hours. Each and every day of the week, he is left with less than three hours to “recharge his batteries” and find time for worshipping the Father. It sometimes seems MNO-8 is all business -- a Midwayer of few words.

From as far back as 1961 (to my recollection), he has been a Member of the 11.11 Progress Platoon, but there are childhood memories of his presence in Europe. MNO-8 is a skilful Healer/Psychologist, and as he ranges far and wide he can, with the touch of the most advanced Reike Master, put his hands right inside the human body, “re-energize the patient, and be on his way to his next appointment.

Here, as he recently promised her, he shows Sandy Montee how the work is done.

She staggered to the living room and “collapsed” into the big recliner chair, hardly able to stay awake.

Sandy: “Dr. Mendoza was here this morning, George. I was in a dream state and I watched flashes of bright light. As I kind of woke up, I realized the colors were those of the chakras. I mostly remember the red as the starting, lower color, and the violet as the highest. I instantly realized it was Dr. Mendoza.”

George: “He said he’d be back. And your recorder is rolling… done.”

Sandy: “He has been here for the last half hour, I think. I am in a light, carefree kind of state -- the feeling of being in a haze… a daze.

“We are in my mother’s home in Idaho… already! Dr. Mendoza is going to give her a treatment. He is very businesslike, doesn’t say much, and my mom is in her kitchen. Dr Mendoza is holding her arm and her shoulder, and his hands are placed directly on the bone where she hurt herself when she fell in the hot tub. That’s been giving her a lot of pain since last May.

“My mom is now rubbing the area Dr. Mendoza has been working on. There is also something about her blood that he is concerned about. He is advising her to drink a lot of water, saying the water has enough energy in it to re-vitalize her, and the blood will be built up.

“This scene is different now, George. It looks as if he is talking with her face-to-face, and a “spirit looking like my mom” is standing there, talking with Dr. Mendoza.

“At the same time I can see that she is tidying up the kitchen after the dinner meal. Her physical self is standing at the kitchen sink, and with her back to her “spirit self” and Dr. Mendoza, and she just keeps working.

“OK. We are leaving now, and we are at the big Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane (WA, US of A). We are in the intensive care unit for babies. I’ve been here before. Some years ago. This is it all right.

“There’s a Negro baby here, and that tiny one is taking very short breaths. Dr. Mendoza is placing his hands on both sides of the baby and he is looking up as if he wants Michael to help.

Moments later: “We are back in Toormina. Quick as a flash! Dr. Mendoza is ready to leave now.”

Dr. Mendoza: “You need to drink more water, Sandy. Try to get natural spring water. The treatment given to city water is not good for you.”

Sandy: “Thanks so much for the visit.”

Dr. Mendoza: “Goodbye.”

Notes: When time permits, I’ll endeavor to follow up on this article, giving more details about how OBEs and “remote healings” can be triggered. Regular OBEs with our Dr. Mendoza have been a part of my life since the early seventies… George.

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