An unexpected view of Urantia.


Idaho, US of A, November 21, 2001.

Machiventa and Michael.

Received by Sandy Montee

Machiventa: "Greetings to you all."

Group: "Greetings to you, our Friend."

Machiventa: "I am Machiventa. May I wish you a g'day?"

George (laughing): "You certainly may, Sir. G'day to you. And may your day be greatly rewarding as well."

Machiventa: "We will have a meeting with Michael today. I would like for us all to leave this home and travel to the valley where we met up with Michael before. He is there waiting for us. (Lengthy pause) Let yourself lift off now, and we will travel."

Sandy (reporting): "I can see way, way into the distance where there is a light of a golden color. It is like we will all be going into a tunnel. Yes, we are entering this tunnel, and there is a brilliant light at the end of it, and it is pulling us towards that valley of beauty.

"We all stop and see that Michael is coming towards us. A golden light surrounds Michael and He has asked us to join Him as He seats Himself. Michael is saying something about our being His ambassadors and Machiventa being His Chief Liaison. There are many Celestial Teachers surrounding Michael, and there is a great circle of Seraphim surrounding us."

Michael: "I want to convey my gratitude to all of God's children residing on Urantia who are doing the Father's will at this difficult time. There are celebrations in our sphere whenever yet another person joins the many in the circle of God's love.

"The present circumstances on my beloved Urantia weigh heavily on my mind in these days of unhappiness and sacrifice we have to live with, day after day, hour after hour. Yet my mortal children are so eminently capable of turning 'hatefulness' into loving care for their brothers and sisters.

"So many are doing all they can to live a positive life as best they can. This kindness, forgiveness, and caring heralds the onset of a blessed life on Urantia and a continuation of progress and cooperation into the brilliant life of the Hereafter.

"I would like to give you an example of the goodness and love and beauty that can be shared on your planet at this time. We who are assembled here all know this wonderful woman."

Sandy: (reporting): "We are here, far away, and we are now looking down on Urantia. We're looking at the suburban home of a friend."

Michael: "Indeed. She is a deeply loving, and most positive, child of the Father. You can see her home so clearly as we approach it. We see the well-appointed landscaping in front of her home 'as it welcomes us'. We see the lady of the house greeting us all. Her home is symbolic of the temple of her Creator.

"The interior of her home is prepared to make comfortable any number of friends who will come to visit. Her back yard full of shrubs and flowers is a wonderful example of how beautiful Urantia can be and it invites and welcomes all. She is so very loving and grateful that God is in her life, and this love radiates to all.

"She is an example in that both, her vibrant spirit, and her home as a reflection of that spirit, are what your Creator asks of you as an achievement in your planetary life. To have lived a life like she has is a great achievement of near perfection on Urantia. This woman is truly wise, truly blessed, and she could hardly be more grateful to her God. Please 'wordsmith' my message as you know this gratifies me.

"I leave you now, though I will always be with you. I am Michael."

Sandy: "Machiventa and I will be leaving here now. Wow! We are already back in our home and Machiventa will leave very shortly."

Machiventa: "If you would like to ask a few questions, I can spare a few more minutes."

George: "I'm grateful for Mathew's frequent presence… and Claire's, of course. But I do miss a whole bunch of my Celestial Friends, especially Frank and Alice. We could be a little more productive with their help, their brilliant minds. That's what I'm looking forward to. Though, I am grateful for your ongoing cooperation during this messy, unsettled period. Thank you for your time today. We all know you're overbooked."

Machiventa: "Yes, George. The Cherubim, Frank and Alice, will be there soon. You are undergoing a period of change, and you will see this change produce a successful end result. Relax and it will happen."

George: "Yeah, right. Good one! Telling this therapist to relax."

Machiventa: "Well, we are among friends, and we are grateful for what you have already done. The messages from you have been numerous and we appreciate this.

"But one of the main lessons mortals are to learn on Urantia is love, happiness and caring. Have a nice Thanksgiving Holiday in the land of the bald eagle."

George: "You too, Chief Liaison."

Machiventa: "I take my leave. I am Machiventa."

George: "Goodbye Machiventa, and all others."

Note: The woman spoken of by Michael was known to all Entities assembled. Surprisingly, the lady's 'departed' husband was there among the Celestial Teachers who surrounded Michael, and who looked down on the earthly scene. The scene was clearly "remote viewed" by everyone, human and Celestial.

We figured we were guests at the Urantia Archangels' 'base camp' but neglected to inquire about that.

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