A Healing Journey.


Idaho, US of A, December 11, 2001.

Midwayers, Dr. Mendoza and Claire.

Sandy Montee

Dr. Mendoza: "Hello. This is Dr. Mendoza."

George: "Greetings to you, Dr. Mendoza."

Dr. Mendoza: "The best of greetings to you both. Sandy and George, I know you have friends who would like to go on a healing journey with you. I will ask of you to bring all these friends into your thoughts now, into your presence, and feel the energy of each of them.

"Now take their hands and form a circle. Each of you can give a healing to all others while in this circle. The energy of each of you will touch and become strong. I will do a healing on each of you now.

(There is a pause of about four minutes).

"As each of you is now strengthened and refreshed, this is what I want you to know: These healings I facilitate are coming from Michael. Claire and her helpers will now take all of you on a healing journey."

Claire: "Hello this is Midwayer Claire."

George: "You've been with us for a long time, quietly. Good to hear your voice."

Claire: "Good to hear yours, brother. I have asked Mother Spirit to be there with us. We're going halfway around the world to the troubled lands on the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders. See these poor children who do not have one single slice of bread or a cup of rice, and notice how the life within them has faded.

"See these unfortunate little ones. Let us move closer. I ask of you to form a circle and surround them. Send them love. Give them hope. Pour out your energy into their frail little bodies, and smile at them. Some of these children have not seen anyone smile in a long, long time.

"Our Father blesses them, and Mother Spirit holds them close to give them love and energy in this sad, faraway place. This is something I want you to remember as you try to overcome the minor obstacles that are from time to time placed in your path.

"I think we have seen enough for one day and we will all return to the USA. As you leave, I ask you to continue to hold these children close to your heart. Ask God every day if He has any tasks for you, any comments on how you can help his Will be Done. I thank you for believing in the powerful effect of this healing journey. I will step aside now."

George: "Thank you, Claire. That went really good."

Claire: "That went really fine! But let this be the end of our transmitting for today. Matthew tells me to tell you, George, your work is awesome."

George: "Thank him. I'm nowhere without his help."

Note: Both Mathew and Claire have a capacity to learn and retain information that is unheard of, undreamed of, and truly inconceivable to the human mind. Since Secondary Midwayers, unlike their Primary Cousins, vary widely in the physical, spiritual, and intellectual sense -- a total of 336 different types -- one never knows what to expect.

Both are of a kind that is eminently capable of applying mind-to-mind communication, or subliminal input, as well as receiving it.

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