Meeting up with JoAnne.


Idaho, US of A, August 29, 2002.

Primary Midwayer, Andrea.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Sandy (reporting): “As I am meditating, I have a feeling of my having been disconnected from my physical body. I feel a definite ‘lifting’ sensation. My mind is very tranquil, very quiet, and I am not getting any message at all here. My mind is in silence and I have no idea what will transpire. I am being asked to ‘travel’, but this time things are different, as I don't feel that Machiventa, or Isaac, is with me. I am willing to let go and let it happen.

“I see that Andrea is with me now. Some form of communication will take place. That makes sense, because Andrea is the one who will facilitate that. Since she is the head of the communications department for this group of Midwayers. “Hello Andrea!”

Andrea: “Hello Sandy. I will be with you as we go on a journey this morning. Let go of your physical body and be assured that it will be taken good care of. As a matter of fact, your friend, Dr. Mendoza, will do a healing while we are gone.”

Sandy (reporting): “We are traveling now, my mind is almost a blank and I can feel that we are moving very rapidly.”

(Note: There is a pause of a few minutes on the audiotape, as we keep traveling.)

“We are approaching a place that looks like a meadow. We’ve come to a stop. Andrea is here with me. She is very beautiful. She has a shimmering about her as if she is all energy that is vibrating very fast. It is fascinating to look at her. She is a blue and lavender in color. She does not appear like a human to me. She is more like a fast-moving body of energy – a spirit. That’s how I imagine a spirit would look.

“I see my friend, JoAnne, with whom I’ve been friends since I was a small child. She passed over into a new realm about four years ago. She seems to float as she approaches. She has a sense of peace and tranquility about her. She looks very happy. I have wanted to see her and talk with her for quite some time. I had planned to ask her many questions about death, and what happened after she left her body on this earth.

“It seems that I just can’t think of these questions now. She is very close and is welcoming me with a hug and a big smile. It feels like we are intertwined somehow – that ‘our spirits’ are intertwined.

“By looking at her, I get the impression that she is young and beautiful again, like I remember her when she was only a teenager on this earth. I just want to keep enjoying this feeling of closeness with her, and no words seem necessary. She is stepping back now, and she is moving away from me. I feel that I am reduced to tears and depleted of energy. I must go back home, but I would rather go with her.

“Andrea is stepping in, her arm is around my waist and I must make use of her energy as we are ‘pulled back into a stream of movement’.

We are approaching my home. I recognize Dr. Mendoza, since I have seen him before. I have returned to my body and I am sitting in my bed. I am in a deep meditative state and my body feels numb all over. My arm is actually jerking, as if I am being shaken. I will stop this transmitting now. I am very relaxed, and I am sure I will need to stay here for a few minutes. It is as if I still feel that heavenly peace all around me.

Note: This is the second time I have had contact with JoAnne. The first time was audio only, and some 3 or 4 days after she died. At that time, we did have a short conversation.

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