Travel to an Los Angeles Ghetto.


Idaho, US of A, December 22, 2004.

Celestial Engineer, Isaac.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Isaac: “Hello Sandy, yes I am here. Shall we go today?”

Sandy: “Give me a few minutes to get ready and out of the house. Back here, I will talk into the recorder about what I see along the way.

[Reporting only] “We are up high, going west towards Seattle, but now we are turning south on our way to LA, I believe. Yes, this is Los Angeles now. We have come to a halt, and I see we are in a poor neighborhood here. There are few people on the street of mostly abandoned buildings. There is not a clue that anyone will celebrate the Christmas season here. No decorations or lights.

“We are approaching an older woman, who is carrying a large bag. I see only an old hat in that sack. The lady is walking slowly, and she has a pronounced limp.

[Addressing the lady] “Would you like to talk with me?

[Reporting] “She looks at me rather frightened, as if I am going to accuse her of having done something wrong.

Sandy: “Are you a homeless person?”

The Lady: “The streets are my home. Other homeless people are my friends, but I have no immediate family. I have no money for food or proper shelter, and I just wander around during the daytime and check garbage bins for food, and whatever else I can find and use.”

Sandy: “Why don’t you apply for welfare payments, or a job, so you can have an apartment and heat and food?

[Reporting] “Again she looks at me as if I don’t know much about real poverty. She turns and she is walking away from me now.”

Isaac: “We should be getting back now. I will see you again soon.”

Notes: Whohaa! Before I know it we are back at my house. This was such a brief encounter, yet I realize how seldom I think about other people’s severe struggles in life. How come I even asked her why she didn’t get a job? She never had a place to shower, nice clothes to make a good impression, or an address or telephone number to leave with a potential employer. No car to drive.

Such things I take for granted. And do I ever appreciate the lifestyle I have? Wow, I am going to count my blessings all this Christmas Season!!!

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