The Circuits.


Toormina, Australia, June 1, 2001

Journey with Isaac.

Bzutu (ABC-22) -- Secondary Midwayer Chief.

Subject: Received by Sandy Montee

Isaac: “Hello Sandy. Are you ready to go? This will be fun. Just relax. We will again go into space.

Sandy: “OK. Let me get situated here. I am rising. I am pushing. I am near the ceiling, in a corner of the room. I’m out. There. I’m out.”

Isaac: “Take my hand and lets get ready on the count of three. Get ready. Get set and go.”

I am holding on to Isaac’s hand. We are going rather slowly. I am getting used to the air around me. I will hook into a rapid flowing air mass. This feels so good. As if I’m flying, but not as fast as I remember from before.

Isaac tells me we have to make a stop before very long.

Ah, yes. We are stopping. I can’t feel anything under my feet, or around me. So, how can I stop? Oh I see. I see Bzutu. Oh, I’m so glad to see you. You look like… You look like a light, only you are glimmering. We will pick up 10 Midwayers, who are with Bzutu. We are going again, but now we are going really fast.

I see where we are going to stop. It is like a city that is all lit up. This city is not stationed on a planet. It is (as if it is) floating in space. This is a new circuit system that Isaac was telling me about. OK, we are going to stop. The light is almost blinding.

Bzutu is going to fix something, it seems. He and Isaac have just left me standing here. They are talking between themselves. I am alone, but I’m not afraid. There are Midwayers here. They are getting ready to turn on what they must call the circuits.

There! There, they’re on. They are like beacons, lights. These look like lighthouse beacons. There are thousands of them, and they are reaching across the sky.

I see Urantia in the background. I see Urantia. I see angels. Oh, they are Celestials. They are Teachers. They are out in space, and their light is coming in -- into the space station. They are like Roman Candles, shooting through the air.

These “Roman candles are coming into the space station, and they are putting the light beacons through the circuits -- through a machine. (It looks like a big transformer.) They are then coming out of this machine, looking so much brighter, and ‘casting’ toward Urantia.

Urantia is lit up with these bright lights. Oh, no. These bright lights are lighting up Urantia. These lights need a contact. The energy is bouncing back. These lights need a contact, a person to make contact with. Oh, yes. I see. I see the lights want to be plugged into humans on Urantia.

The light is reaching them, but the people are stopping it. The lights are bouncing back. There are very few lights which are taken in by the people. These people are humans on Urantia, but they are many feet tall. They are absorbing the light. They are taking in the words of the teachers. It is so clear and bright. Where the light is getting stuck, absorbed. I see. I see what needs to happen.

Isaac and Bzutu are discussing something, but they are not talking to me. Oh here comes Isaac.

Isaac: “OK sandy, I am going to take you back.”

We are ready to leave the space station. We are going to leave Bzutu here. Bzutu waves to us to go ahead, he is staying here. I hope he finds his way back.

We are already home.

Isaac is telling me that I did well, and that I should not feel that I have to try to explain this. “Keep it, tell no one, or take part of it to make into a story. It is over now. This is enough, stop here.”

I need to relax, and lie on my bed for a while.

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