Machiventa's Board Room.


USA June 7, 2001.

at the Melchizedek University.

Received by a student

The following out of body visual/audible report of a meeting of Celestials was posted to 11.11 Publishers. The report comes from one of George Barnard’s American Akashic Construct students. The student reports being in a medium to deep trance (almost asleep) during this contact lasting more than 45 minutes. The original TRing tape and accompanying transcript of same are of rather recent date.

This 11.11 Progress Platoon’s Midwayers ‘are in accord’ about the veracity of this report. We are told, “It is accurate. It is so.”

The student does not want to be identified. Neither are eleven of the Midwayers identified, nor are six of the Melchizedeks. Three of the Midwayers are known. They are the two Midwayer Warriors, Chiefs and Teachers; Bzutu (ABC-22), and Gorman. One of the Midwayer females is Marion (MNO-?). The second Midwayer female is possibly Sharmon, more likely Simone, Bzutu’s long-time counterpart -- her playing the ‘Aussie drifter’ clown so typical of her behavior.

The student explains: “I am with Machiventa. I know this is Machiventa, yes. I am following him into a room. Let me see if I can get a better idea of where we are. We are at (in) a university. There are many Melchizedeks here. Well… there are six other Melchizedeks in this room.”

Machiventa to the student: "You are to sit by my side and take notes. Let us see who is here. And we be having a committee meeting. I have been in a meeting with Christ Michael just a short time ago (inferring the missions to be ordered are Michael’s wishes).”

The student explains (this is not on the tape): I’m not sitting right up to the table, George. I’m right next to Machiventa, but somewhat back from the table.

The student reports: “I see the Melchizedeks. It seems I do not need to know their names. They are sitting at the table now, three on each side of Machiventa.”

Machiventa: “These are great Scholars who have been (teaching) at the Melchizedek University for many, many years. They have now assumed the position of Elders among the Teachers.”

The student: “Let us see who else is taking a seat at the table. Bzutu! But he is standing just inside the door and he is looking around as if he is expecting others to be here. Gorman. Gorman is here! (Gorman just arrived.) Bzutu is still uneasy.

“A woman is walking through the door. It is a woman who has on a bright orange bodysuit. She has long hair and she is so very stunning, I can hardly take my eyes off her. No one else here seems to notice (how beautiful she is), as if she has been here many times before.

“Of course, yes, the woman in orange is a Midwayer and her name is Marion. She is taking the seat opposite Bzutu. We have Bzutu, Marion, and Gorman. There is a seat across from Gorman that is empty. I can't decide just why this seat is empty. Machiventa doesn’t seem concerned. Bzutu is concerned. I am watching the body language.

“Now, I see the door to the boardroom is almost shut, however someone is opening it and now they are at the boardroom door. There is one of them -- this is also a woman -- and she is wearing a red, bright red, outfit. We are all looking at this Midwayer and Machiventa is even smiling. This lady has on the most ridiculous hat I ever saw. It has (plastic?) fake fruits hanging from it, all around, and this lady seems very proud of her hat. Well… OK…

“There are ten men. They are smaller. They are about 5 foot in height. They have on blue outfits. There are ten of them. They are all dressed exactly alike, and Bzutu nods his head, gesturing for them to sit at the table. All the chairs are now taken.

“Machiventa has a list on a notepad and he asks me to check off the questions as they are answered. The Melchizedeks are paying attention. Machiventa asks the first Melchizedek about how the project is going. This Melchizedek seems to be a spokesperson for (him) self and the other five. He is the one to answer and I will take notes. He says the committee has worked on a lesson to be provided and this will help Bzutu. Let us see what is on the checklist.

Machiventa: “Bzutu, what can you tell me is happening with your new recruits?”

Bzutu: “We have been on a mission. We have visited the mortals on Urantia and we are witnessing (an) extensive circuitry that is coming into many places, many people, and we are pushing the "energy", the "light", as hard and as fast as we can possibly do this.

“We have been with government spokesmen, and they are needful of very powerful shocks (very strong vibrations). At this time the circuits are up and running and my ten new recruits will be watching the heads of these ten governments and coming back to me and to each of the Melchizedeks with their reports.”

“At this reply Machiventa answers, ‘A further meeting will be necessary.’ The Prince adds, ‘Thank you, Bzutu, and thank you all (to everyone sitting at the table). This work is very crucial and the timing has to be exact. We are to instill great compassion and empathy for the worldwide interconnectedness of, and understanding for, the many people on Urantia who are receiving few of the necessities for survival. The new recruits need to report to Bzutu regarding each of their individual concerns.’”

“Turning to the ten recruits, ‘Bzutu has no problem with your asking questions of him. He will constantly be with you to be sure the positive energy is absorbed, and not bounced back, by the governments’ main spokesmen. This is a mission that was begun a long time ago, but it was stopped at the time of mass rebellion. We will be in constant contact with you all.’”

“Machiventa is now quiet and thinking.”

“He is now giving direct orders to the Melchizedeks, telling them the recruits need to be in attendance at these "hot spots" of Urantia's Heads of States. He goes on, ‘I will expect their reports of any problems and also of their success rates. Let us adjourn this meeting. Good luck with your missions, and I will notify you of our next meeting. I will take my leave.’”

The student reports: Machiventa stands and walks to the door. But for the six Melchizedeks (who may already have been in the room at the start of this meeting, or managed to suddenly materialize without my noticing same), he was first to arrive, and first to leave. I followed him directly, leaving the others behind.

Notes: This OBE is not a ‘first-up’ experience for this student. Other experiences pre-dating or following the above will likely be reported on in the near future.

Midwayers just 5 foot tall are ‘borrowed’, not Urantian.

Australian drifters or “Swagmen” often tie corks on strings to the brims of their hats. The dangling corks keep the aggressive bush flies away from their faces. Our unstoppable Simone loves to play the clown, and helps keep everyone sane with her stunts.

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